How do you guys set your drag???

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by jiggawhat, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. jiggawhat

    jiggawhat Senior Member

    Do you guys use a scale when setting the drag?
  2. Eastern Tackle

    Eastern Tackle Senior Member

    Yes, one of the brass 50lb scales works well. At least until I can get a feel for the reel.

  3. gimmedeal

    gimmedeal Senior Member

    I do. I find that when I don't I wish that I had. You can do a line pull guesstimate but that's really all it is. I used to do it with a bent rod but now I've been measuring straight through the guides. It just gives you a known reference point. I also check to see how many clicks it takes to go up 4 lbs so I'll know that too.

  4. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    spring scale works great. always check my drag. straight line pull for me.
  5. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    I like to spray a quick shot of wd40 in the scale, I dint realix\ze one day I had a bit of corrosion inside the scale my setting were off 20%. I didnt know brass could rust. LOL guess its the cheap shit there made of these days

    Any reason no-one uses a digital scale?
  6. Jason4606

    Jason4606 Tuna Club member

    I use a fairly cheap Rapala 50lb digital scale... Works great and it's always been +/-0.1 ounce accurate when I've checked against postal scales. (when shipping packages)
  7. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    Do you guys use a scale when setting the drag?

    yup.... a 'drag scale' to be exact
  8. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    i run it thorugh the guides and put a bend on the rod while my helper holds the spring scale on the other side of the boat. Once I get it set- i pull it with my hands a few times at the reel to get a feel for how much tension is on it- later I can adjust tension based on feel (this is only with spinners).

    on conventionals- i set it up and leave it because the adjustment is with the lever drag. I check it at strike in the same bent rod fashion.
  9. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Senior Member

    quick note fwiw...........

    spinner or conventional,....... i personally like to 'warm up' the drag before setting it
  10. John_Madison CT

    John_Madison CT Senior Member

    I'm with Bill. I warm up my drag prior to testing. I give it about 10 5' pulls to add some heat to her, then take out the Maneley Brass drag scale.
  11. scout1

    scout1 Junior member

    What % of line test do you set the drag to? (or are their other factors?)