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Yeah. Lets ride down there together. I was planning on the second weekend.
It would have to be the second weekend.. as I will be in Venice the 1st weekend.. I'll have to work until 1 on sat. but I can leave after that, if that will work..

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I'm going up on either the 9th or 10th with my goofy ex-brother-in-law.:eek:

Tom T.... you and TJ have a booth there?

How about the fishing show at GRB in March?:cool:

We've decided to try and hit two shows this year -in addition to a China or Japanese show- but support our dealers that have booths.

We might hit a Fred Hall and the big south Florida show.

Depending on schedules, I might try to hit this show though!

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Went to the Houston show 1st night. VIP pass at will call : )
Show was pretty much as usual.
Item of note though.
UE had a booth For the Big E. And the 3 main Deckie's were there. Raul ect..
I saw them at 6pm so they were eager to chat and feeling very positive about the new company and furture plans.
They are putting together a Boat show special trip for this weekend or next
I can't remember the exact dates.
But it's only $550 instead of $650 for the 52 hr trip.
I can't commit yet but it should be worth calling UE about it.
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