Hoover Tuna Trip 2/22/08

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    When I left town to head to the coast late Thursday afternoon it was 83 degrees with clear sky's. :) When I hit the middle of Corpus Christi, it turned into Fog. :( In fact I couldn't even see Roy's as I passed it on SPID. I had never seen fog so thick as it was on top of the Kennedy bridge. It took one hour which is normally about a 20 minute to Port A.

    A couple of weeks ago, a buddy asked me go out in a large center console to Boomvang this weekend. He was just waiting for his radar to get put back in order. Meanwhile I booked two spots with Deep Sea Headquarters just in case. The radar unit was not fixed in time, so we arrived at DSH at 5AM. The weather was still foggy, muggy and hot. When we started loading our gear into the Gulf Eagle, the cold front arrived. The temperature dropped and the winds were blowing around 25-30 knots from the North.

    We arrived at Hoover about an hour before sunset and began trolling. We picked a number of cudas and then prepared to start jigging for blackfins as the sun set. We did one drift and then were heading back to the floating rig for a second drift. It was now dark. As we were pulling up to the rig and making adjustments for the drift a horrible screeching sound roared out and stopped one of the engines. It took less than one-second to stop the big diesel engines. The guy I was standing next to turned to me and said "That didn't sound good."

    The engines would run but the wheels wouldn't turn. Either the gears in the transmissions or something stunk in the wheels. Capt. Keith got us together for a meeting and informed us that we were dead in the water and would wait until sunrise to send the deckhands under the boat to check the wheels. He was in contact with the rig and kept the engines idling to keep the batteries charged so the electronics could continue to operate. Their was a good possibility that whatever the props had grabbed could be cut out and we would be back in business. Basically everything was fine except the wheels wouldn't turn in either direction. The wind was still blowing 25 knots from the North and we were drifting south (away from Port) at a fast rate. The lights were working fine so we continued to fish as we drifted away. This was the beginning of the possibly the longest drift in fishing history.

    During the night someone hooked onto a string of nylon at the transom. After pulling on it you could see a short portion of this huge three inch diameter nylon rope. This big chunk of rope wasn't seen by anyone. It just happened to be drifting across the gulf stream slight below the surface. We just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When the sun rose, and there was enough light, the dockhands were sent under the boat to see if they could free the rope. The huge rope was wrapped very tightly all the way around the wheels and drive shaft on both engines. Not good. At this point we had drifted south around 17 NM from Hoover. Different options came up throughout the day on what would happen next.

    Divers were on the way. If they couldn't free us, a boat would have to make to long haul to tow us back. That would have taken a very long time as we were around 155 NM from port and still drifting away. The divers made it to the boat along with a mechanic just before sunset.:) We had been drifting for about 23 hours. We were probably half way between Hoover and Boudreaux.

    To be continued after I eat supper. (Hopefully I won't fall asleep!!!!)
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    how can you leave us hanging like that?

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    jesus mrbill thtats just wrong ... leave us hangin like that ? have you no soul man ? cliffhanger ugh lol:D :eek: :confused:
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    Man.... How do you keep a bunch of idiots in suspense!!!!

    Great story.....
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    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need to know now....:confused: :eek:
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    Son of a glitch!!!! What a cliffhanger!! Can't wait to hear more.

    Tom - DBG
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    I am pretty sure at some point they made it to Tequila:)
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    What a freak occurrence!

    PB's just seem to keep endearing themselves to you. :eek:
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    Glad to hear that you're safe....that you ate well....and that you're probably sawing logs. Must have been one hell of an experience...makes me cringe.
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    Come on Mr. Bill, lets hear the ..... rest of the story... Sorry to hear yall were dead in the water.. that would suck..
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    I just got back from eating a huge Mexican dinner. Here are your choices for the next thirty minutes while I finish it.

    A) Me and my friend paid the Venture Capt for a ride home.
    B) The rope is still wrapped around the wheels and is now finally in tow.
    C) The rope was removed and we made it back to the dock in time.
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    I was gonna vote for (D) The divers were female and part time exotic dancers....
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    I choose....

    D). You and your friend paid Venture Capt to take you fishing somewhere else. The yacht chef served you a gourmet fish dinner. You had a hot shower on board and afterwards, you were escorted to your sleeping quarters by scantily clad twenty year old beauties...(not sure where they ended up)....while your captain took you to some real tuna fishing.

    Am I close??? (you gotta love a good fishing story)
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    The diver's arrived in one of my favorite boats. A 39 Venture with triple's. That boat is fast. It got to us in four hours. I've fished on one those before and it's a dream boat for me. They were drifting about 50 yards from us as the divers were putting on their wet suits and gear. When they pulled up to the transom, the mechanic boarded the Gulf Eagle and went into the engine room. The divers went overboard to do their thing. Within minutes sections of rope were seen floating on the surface. In ten minutes there was this huge section of rope was being pulled into the Gulf Eagle.

    After the rope was cleared from the wheels the Capt. put it in gear to give a test. All was well. Shafts didn't get bent and we were free to go. Capt. Keith called another meeting. He said we could either just run back to the dock or he would take us to one of his honey holes for some Blackfin jigging on the way towards port. We opted to go fishing. It was a great spot. The blackfins were thick and very nice size. Some were hitting the decks around 25 pounds and most in the 15 to 20 pound range. We made in back to the dock Sunday morning around 8AM.

    Things happen out on the water. It was a fluke that we got caught up in that rope. You certainly can't blame DSH for that rope wrap. They came through and got us back to the dock on time. We all received a gift certificate of 100 dollars to be used on future trips for up to one year.

    I was totally entertained on this trip by two characters. One of my best friends who I have fished with for most of my life joined me at the last moment. He hasn't been on a party boat in many many years. His comments and strong personality had me laughing many many times throughout the ordeal. After we showered and sat down to relax, I asked him if what it would take to do it again this week. His comment was priceless and I will keep it to myself. I laughed till I had tears running down my face.

    The other was Hyper Man. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him arrive at the dock the first morning. He's a real piece of work. We have become good friends and will fish together this summer. There is no doubt that some very interesting things will happen when the three of us join again.
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    well, good thing everything worked out. i have to admit i'm a bit disappointed that there are no pics of hyper man destroying some tuna
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    Hyper man woulda jumped in and pulled the rope off post haste....;)
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    Just think what might have happened at Boudreaux... drifting into Mexican waters.

    Glad all are safe and tuna were put in the boat! And Big KUDOS to DSH for making sure all were safe and back on time.

    Tom - DBG
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    i think its amazing how these captains can overcome these situations and still manage to put the folks on fish. gotta luv good service!!! they have me as a customer for life!
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    I am pretty sure at some point they made it to Tequila:)

    I'd have made it to tequila as soon as I heard the noise. yep, beer to
    tequila in no time flat!