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I'll plan on using some 8/0 5x assist hooks on the big/long jigs I have and scale down in size/weight.

CALLED, im all in with a pair of trebles
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LOL, I hear ya and roll as you may, although believe you're over thinking it, dancing stringers are common.
Where's our Benny when you need him, wish he would chime in......
I fold. Triple tomtate.
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At what drag setting do you really need to think about removing a split ring from being between the leader and hook? I’m using owner ultra size #8-10 splits. I use 65lb braid and 60-80lb leader for jigging for YFTs and run 15-19lb of drag on a fathom 40nld2.

Those jigstars look cool but im wondering if I’d benefit from them at my drag setting. How much will the knot breaking strength increase when tying to the grommet vs a Palamor knot to the swivel?
Hard to say when the weakest link will fail. I never have split rings carry any sort of load and there are better rigging solutions out there.

Yes, there is benefit even at your drag settings which are set at a constant line pressure. A savage strike will generate a spike pressure many times greater than your cold preset drag and bust your knot. The Jig Star system is reliable and borne out of busted knots on many monster NZ Yellowtail. If tying knots to a split ring or solid ring that is a smaller diameter than the leader, then the ring will cut the leader. The grommet increases the diameter of the tie-point and reduces the risk of leader being cut. Of course this does not insure against shitty knot tying.
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