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I've never been tuna fishing, but is there any reason this set up is no good? Intent is to use a split ring to connect the hooked ring to the jig. I'd like to add another set of assist hooks on the tail end of jig, but those would be set up on a solid ring and split ring. Lengths are short enough to not get top and bottom hooks fouled on each other.

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I'm trying to learn and play around with stuff. I got into assist hooks, because I bought some 350g Shimano jigs that do not come with hooks. Some assist hooks at the store and online look pretty puny.

I'm scared of weak hooks after my dad had a vmc circle hook straighten on him on a 12 hour snapper trip (I think it was a 6/0 tournament circle and 12 or 15# of drag).

These are 5x mustad hoodlum hooks.

thanks 馃憤

Edit: just thought it was nice the hook failed and not one of my knots or splices.

Edit again

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This is what its all about, luv me some dancing stringer hooks, top and bottom.
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Believe the Ultras are a heavier stronger wire, than the Hyper wire.
I'll be rigging with single stingers everywhere. Others made a reasonable point double assist on the same ring could get tangled.

I call your two on one jig, and raise you two on one hook
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Thanks again for the personal experiences everyone.

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I'll plan on using some 8/0 5x assist hooks on the big/long jigs I have and scale down in size/weight.

CALLED, im all in with a pair of trebles
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LOL, I hear ya and roll as you may, although believe you're over thinking it, dancing stringers are common.
Where's our Benny when you need him, wish he would chime in......
I fold. Triple tomtate.
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