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G'day fellas. I was just cleaning an old rack of mine for an upcoming show and I thought I would take the chance ot show it off a bit. Its quite simple to make one like this with some basic tools. All you need is a compass that can draw the diameter for the curcular plates. A set square or similar. A jigsaw to cut the plates out. Two different sized holesaws. A drill and some sandpaper

You will need 3 squares of 3mm MDF sheet. 1 square bit of 18mm MDF sheet and a sheet of EVA. Locate your sheet of EVA first as the max size you can source will determine the max size of your MDF plates.

Take one sheet of the 3mm MDF and mark out your cuts. Use the compass to draw the circle on the sheet. The run a line through the centre to mark the halves. Now run another line at 90 degrees to mark the quarters. then draw another two lines at 45 degrees to the first two lines. This marks out the eight sections

Now use your compass to draw the lil curcles on each of the lines that you will be cutting out with the holesaw. As you can see in the pic. I used two different sized holesaws, so use the two different diameters so the lil circles overlap each other and the first circle overlaps the rim of the very large circle on your plate.

Now stack all the plates on top of each other ans sandwich the EVA under the top most plate and hold square. Drill one hole in the centre of the big circle. Placea bolt through this and secure tightly with a nut and washer. Take you jigsaw and cut around the circumfrance of the large circle. Undo the bolt and take out the 18mm plate at this stage

Now place the blot back though the remainder of the stack and secure it again. Take the larger of the two holesaws and cut out the larger of the two lil circles. Undo the bolt and take one of the 3mm plates out. Glue this plate to the top of the 18mm plate and leave that aside

Now secure the remaining plates again and using the smaller holesaw, cut out the lil of the lil circles. Now drill a hole in between each of the radius marked and secure with bolts. Use nice and shiny ones for these.

Thats your top and bottom sections done. You can use a metal pipe, wooden post or similar to marry the two at your required height. Sand the lot smooth and either apply a spirit based stain and 2 part epoxy or just paint or whatever

Instead of MDF you can also use funky colored lexen, steel, aluminum and also use funky coloured EVA sheet too.........guess what color I will be hunting for the next rack I make :D

Go nuts and get creative. This rack in the pic is 56cm wide and takes 24 rods. Next one I will do will the the same thing in a semicircle so it can sit flush with the wall. Some ideas will be just to do a quarter one to fit in a corner. run dowels from the top plate to the bottom where the securing bolts are and install eva and reel seats on these to store your reels
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