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HOWDY Y'ALL. I Need to get some education on the hollow spectra vs. plain solid type. I have the regular solid type and can usually tie up good connections. With 65lb. the knots are acceptable, and very strong. I have a big penn 50vsw that I recently aquired and was reading about a guy who got a 30vsw free from his daddy! I read that he put a 1/4 mile of spectra on it, hollow spectra and I bet he had a nice smooth connection on the top shot. I know that any knot tied on bigger than 60lb. mono is really clunky and big. Almost too big to pass through the top guides on my trolling rod !!! Is that the BEST DIFFERENCE between the solid vs. the hollow spectra ? The size of the knot? Is the line thinner ? (Not necessarily important , I have 3 times the line amount that I'll ever really need.)I would go like him and put 130lb spectra then an 80 or heck 130 top shot. I will probably try to learn the loop to loop style of pre- tied top shot wind ons? I would like to make switching from 80/ 100/120 possible with just slipping on a loop and not having to attempt tying a knot while the guys are reeling in big and bigger fish. IS THIS POSSIBLE ? Please give me some knowledge , I appreciate your time very much, thanks buddy !
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Can anyone give a good description of how to preform a correct "serve"when making a topshot? I am pretty confused as this seems to b common knowledge and left out of the process/instructions I have been reading...
What about the other end you cut off the "spool"or whatever the kevlar comes on?
SKR covers it pretty good, the only detail I'll mention is that you want to make sure that your kevlar or spectra used for serving is "un-waxed" so that your adhesive sticks to it. I've used 25lb Power Pro spectra and unfortunately it was waxed and the JB adhesive didn't stick to it all that well.

Also, if you plan on making quite a few topshots, you'll want to make up a jig for tying and serving. Snagged has a nice wooden one that he made up, maybe he can post a picture of it. A jig makes it much easier and faster to serve.

Tom - DBG
Cool! I would really like to see the jig, I have no idea what you are talking about or how it would help haha...
Thats exactly the question I was asking...
Now I just need a place in Austin to buy hollow spectra from and I can start practicing... Unfortunately I don't hink there is one...
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