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Anybody use them?

Feedback ?

I am looking for a single needle for 60-80 mono into 130 hollow braided.

Any suggestions -

there is a set, but its $80, and I only need one needle.....

Am I waisting my time?
and should I just breakdown and buy the set.

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I have used them for years.
Nice to have when spicing spectra, it's a lot faster than of 27# wire. JMO
If you are planning to make a lot of top shots, I would suggest you go for it, else use 27# single strand wire.

Using wire to spice will take longer time than of needle.

Buy one if you are planning to make more than 2 top shot a month, in one year time it will pay for it self. JMO

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Hey Skip, for what it's worth, when I used to fish offshore for tuna my reels were filled with JB hollow in 80#. I used the fingercuff method to connect the mono topshot to the JB. Looked into the needles and saw the cost and thought the same as you "WOW".
Went to the local Hobby Lobby fabric type store and bought a package of various nice sized needles. Used the needle to open the weave on the JB by bunching the spectra on the needle and then working it up the hollow core 5'-6'. After that I took the mono and shaved the tip to a bullet tip and then smoothed it down with 200 grit paper.
Inserted the mono into the core and worked it up to where the JB weave was opened. Glued the first inch overlap and was done. Just make sure the JB line is fairly straight, it makes the opening of the wave easier to do.
It takes about 20-30 minutes to open the weave and then insert the mono, easily done while sipping something and watching the deer molest GLW's plants around the house.
Matter of fact, got a buddy coming by this evening or weekend and I'm doing his spectra that way. Reminds me, got to ask Snagged what type of glue he buys, the JB glue dried up.
So if you're asking about a needle to open the weave, fabric store big needles are cheap. If for making a spliced knot, then email Scott at [email protected] and ask about getting a latch needle to splice the loops in the spectra. I believe my latch needles were free with my JB purchase and since I don't need them anymore, I'll be happy to mail them to you if that's what you need. Just let me know.
If you don't need anything I mentioned then ignore everything I typed. LOL
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