Hollow Core Color Spooling

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Chris Borden, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Chris Borden

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    I'm considering spooling up my hollow core braid reels with various colors of hollow core line. I'm thinking of doing the last 3-400' feet in three or four different colors of 100' lengths. This would allow me to easily identify how deep I am when jigging. As an example I would have 500 yards of white 100lb hollow as a base. My last 100 yards would be 100' yellow, 100' blue and 100' green. On the west coast we are constantly dropping down about 100'-300' and working our jigs in a 50' to 100' zone up and down. If the Zone is 200' I simply drop down to the end of my blue line and work the zone with confidence that I'm at the correct depth.
    Does anyone see any issues with all the splices? Will the extra splices weaken my line in any way? I have tried sharpies. They fade. I have tried nail knots. They slip eventually. Thank you for your thoughts.
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  2. explorer

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    I am still very new to these but I was thinking of doing front part 10 yards or so of hollow (so I can spice whatever way I want for leader) and the rest of “Colored solid braided”. .... was thinking less connection less problem. I could be wrong:)

  3. pametfisher

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    Make the spices 6” long and they’ll never slip. You’ve got a great idea which I’ve also used in the past. The splices are about 80% stronger than nail knots and they don’t get damaged by your guides.
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  4. Basil

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    No issue with the splices if done correctly. Green and blue line is difficult to see in the dark though. Why not try a color coded hollow line? Just one splice. And, you'll have ± 10 feet accuracy instead of ± 100 feet.
  5. pametfisher

    pametfisher Senior Member

    That’s an even better idea Basil.
  6. brn2surf1000

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    That’s why they made metered line to begin with. Highly recommend it. You’ll know exactly how much line you have out.
  7. Chris Borden

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    Thanks for the replies. Metered hollow is a great solution. Do any of the better hollow core manufacturers make metered hollow core?
  8. jimmyc

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    Jerry Brown X-10
    Maybe more. Basil can hook you up.
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  9. get’n jiggy

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    F3B066C7-4BBB-404A-9B01-213C8A776246.jpeg JB came out with the patriot metered braid. Red White and Blue

    It’s awesome!!
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  10. Thewooha

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    That is what I thought, I couldn't understand the need of splicing
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  11. get’n jiggy

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    As a side note.... I tried to order more Patriot line and Louis w/Blue Marlin said he’s not taking any more orders. Jerry Brown is on back order and JB is not shipping orders because of “company re-organization”

    So I ordered Toro Tamer Hollow from Mark at Charkbait :D
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  12. Rye_Guy

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    Having just hand-fed “rec” sized bft before the clients selected the two to fight/take home I will simply say this: be confident in your knots/crimps, and do not overthink the rest.

    While occasionally we need to meter drop to 100’, knowing each color change is 10’ makes that simple. Splice in your flour and good to go. If fish are shy go straight to the circle hook from your flouro And you will be fine, assuming the c hooks are non-offset.

    From our experience it is what the fish crept/reject in the last 12” inches that makes the difference, assuming tha5 the rest of the str8ng is ready to rumble.

    Tight lines!