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High speed reel for jigging?

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Alright guys, I'm about to drop more money on a high end spinner to be dedicated as a jigging reel. Low or high speed gearing? Is the capacity of a Stella 10k or Saltiga 6000gt enough or should I opt for the larger Dog fight or ? Bert
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hey Bert!

I just got the Stella SW model for topwater. The SW has an extra handle, spool, lube etc. (newest model from Asia) for topwater. I got the PG (power) version instead of the hi speed model.

I'm going to get the SW Stella 10000, but put a 20000 spool on it for my jigging reel. The bigger spool of the 20 will allow for more spectra, but the 10000 is slightly lighter and smaller.

Rick will post up his experience because he has them all! You can look at the Saltiga, the Accurate 30 too.

I thought about waiting for the Accurate TwinSpin 20 that supposedly is coming out in the first quarter of 2007, but I can't wait that long.
Low speed gearing for a jigging reel as the saltiga and stellas still pull in a meter of line per crank with the 4.3 and the 4.4. If you get a saltiga get the 6500 as the capacity is marginal for big tuna on the 6000. The expedition is the 4.3 ratio 6500. The stella and accurate are just as sweet so go for what you like.
the speed of the jig does not lie with the speed of the reel but the speed of the jigging style.

A high gear ratio is absolutely a pain to use for jigging, cranking up a jig from the depth when there is no bite will be painful and fighting a huge fish will be painful. Sometimes even with low gearing reel, it is a struggle to turn the handle on a stubborn fish... good luck!

Thanks for your feedback guys. I'm glad I asked before acting since I was under the impression that high speed was the norm for jigging. Bert
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