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HI to everyone, help deciding reels

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I've been a lot into trolling and just now I'm getting into jigging and I'm loving it!

I have some conventionals that work reelly good, tn40, tn50, toriums 20 & 30for smaller fish, and I am now looking for a good spinning reel, I can't at the time spend the big bucks on a high end stella or satliga, so I'm considering the best I can buy for around $200 dlls to try jiging on spinning gear.

So far I've looked into the QUANTUM CABO CSP80PTS, and the FIN NOR AHAB OFF SHORE, Altough I just read on this forum that the fin nor does not have the infinite anti reverse...

Wich one you you choose or what other reel in that price range would you recomend?


Here's a link to a small video of some YT fishing in San Carlos last Sat. 1 trolling 3 casting a live jig on 15# spinning. Lots of Fun.

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Shimano Spheros 14000.
PM jig, he has used this reel, and actually caught tuna with it. I am lookin to get one as soon as I arrange funds.
I got to pre-fish the Cabo80 last Sept and the drag was set at 15lbs with 65lb PP. I cranked up the drag on a frisky 60lb YFT and after the fish was gaffed the drag pulled 20lbs with more room to turn. I am going to get one this season and put it on a good 7'6" 50lb spinner and hurl poppers to the other side of the Gulf.

I have also fished a Stella 20K, 10K & 8K, Diawa 6500Z, and Penn 9500 & 8500. The older Penns tend to have issues when fishing spectra outside the rated line class even though I didn't have any problems with any of the above.
Thx for the reply guys, I've onlye heard good things about the Cabo...I really want to hear from people that have alredy used it and abused it. Good to hear an opinion from someone that has actually used it!

Thx and lets wait for some more cooments and suggestions.

Fernando PQ Almada
Viewing your film, I gather you were the only person on board. Gaffing your own fish and having too many lines out in the water by yourself is a challenge.
YEs, I was fishing by myself on that day..what happened is that I got stood up on the previous trip and I stayed at the dock...so this time I got stood up again!!! and there was no way I was going to loose 2 days of fishing in a row LOL...so I decided to go by myself and I got lucky to get into a hot bite really close to the coast line, I was out only for 3 hours.

I always take te camera with me, but never tought about shooting video by myself, it was a lot of fun and a lot of running around!

The cabo will get the job done. I have used and abused mine for two seasons(cabo 60) and the thing is still as good as new, except for the boat rash. Another good reel is the thunnus. While I am not a fan of the reel, it can catch tuna. The first time I ever used the reel and on my first cast, I landed tuna on topwater. While its not my favorite, its affordable and gets the job done.
Hey Fernando, where's San Carlos?
flights from Dallas? more info! need yellows in my freezer!
Thx! I just placed my order fro the cabo 80, should last for a while if I take good care of it...I did a lot of research and the pro's are a lot more than the cons...so I guess it's worth a try.

is there a way to get an extra spool for the cabo?

Thx a lot for your replys

Hey Fernando, where's San Carlos?
flights from Dallas? more info! need yellows in my freezer!

Hi lite-liner....

San CArlos is only a 4 hour drive from nogales AZ, there might be flights from dallas to Hermosillo, our state capital, if not, getting from Tucson or Nogales AZ to SC is really easy, plenty of bus lines and shuttles.

Our YT season is just starting now, today one of our boats landed 4 in a half a day trip and lost another one to a sea lion. The bigest one weighted at 32 lbs.

Our average YT are in the 20's

If you decide to try san carlos, drop me an email, I'll make sure to make things easy here.

our top water season begins in May and October is the best month, the last tournament on Oct. 4&5 had 150 billfish released, some nice dorado and a few wahoo...the tuna did not show up this year as thjey did last year.

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