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Discussion in 'Reels' started by andy409, May 3, 2018.

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    Harbor Freight is having a sale on their 3800 series hard case and I picked up three of them for my upcoming Keys and Venice trips. It's my goal this year to start traveling and fishing different locations, and naturally I would want to upgrade to better gear as I get more addicted. For $30 each, and this is how I am justifying it, these should pay for themselves in providing peace of mind and protection when traveling, even for my current reels. Once I get more experience under my belt, I am hoping to eventually add Stellas into the setup. Also, I left some room for future conventionals! :D

    Link to HF sale coupon:


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    Thanks for posting

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    I typically carry the reels on board with me when possible, so large protective cases like that are too big. The expensive reels get slid into a sock, the others may just get stuck straight into my backpack.

    Cases like those do work well to protect your stuff in transit, but may disappear mysteriously out of your checked luggage.

    When checking luggage with reels in them I run a cable through each reel and lock them to the suitcase, this isn't perfect, but at least makes it more difficult to just pull out a reel and steal it easily. I do the same thing with the travel rods that get checked.

    I hate to check my gear when headed out for a trip, I don't want a lost or delayed bag to ruin what could have been a great time. On the way home it's not that big of a deal.
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    Thanks for the tip! Never thought about running a cable through them. As you mentioned, I would also carry the reels with me if I was going on a short 2-3 day trip, but I think these will work very well for me on long trips when I am bringing the entire arsenal. We are towing our offshore boat to Venice and the Keys and I can now safely put the cases in the back and not have to worry about something heavy falling on it.
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    That's a good way to do it, they'll be well protected in the case.
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    remember: nothing you like stays in the open in pickup or boats when on road trips,... especially those large pitstops, as there are people waiting for a snatch and grab. I know of too many that have happened. Thus, one on watch, or everthing ov value under cover.

    I know you already have the skills, so wish you Great luck on your trips!
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