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Hey Yall ready for Venice this weekend??

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Got nearly all my gear loaded.. Jared and I are heading out of DFw about 5am tomorrow. Looks like we will be fishing Thursday and Friday.

When are you guys headed out???

Rick, I have the rod/reel and jigs for you.

Gimmedeal, I have that spinning rod for you too.
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Good luck to all you guys traveling, don't forget the cameras, I look forward to the report. I'm tryin to get a 48hr with Deep sea hdqtrs set up to get a tuna if this weather ever clears up.
Good luck on your trip to the lump. Travel could be slow. The road conditions aren't good. Above all, be safe. The fish won't bite till you get there so take your time.
Cool Bret, I'll throw a Stella in the gear. Am looking forward to trying it out. i'm having to work tonight and then get a little sleep and try and get under way about noon. It may be a little slow getting started w the roads the way they are here, but I'd like to get thru Houston before rush hour. See you Thursday morning.

Dang,,, its snowing and sleeting..... looks to be a slow drive for a while..
Good luck guys and give it your all!

MrBill's right, they don't start biting until you get there!

Just get there and get there safely!
I talked to Bret about 9:15, they got a late start and were about 30 miles from Shreveport.
Are they fishing today?
They are fishing today and tomorrow. I couldnt believe they left so early yesterday. Jared called me from the road at 4:15 a.m and told me it was snowing. Glad he did, I stayed awake, cancelled my appointments and had a great day spooling up my rods and watching movies.
I wish you guys the best of luck(fred, vance, jared, nick, bret , john and whom ever else is out today) on your trip and I am sorry I couldnt make it this year. You can count me back in as of next year.
The lump is awesome!! I will never forgett how alive those waters were last year. Big tuna leaping out of the water and all kinds of fish everywhere. My first cast of the day resulted in a tuna on the deck! Awesome!!!!!

Good Luck Guys
Did rick end up heading to venice too? Looks like there will be some good eats at the next party, assuming all goes well..... Dont want to jinx the guys.
Today was a slow trip for the guys. Nick(SA Fisher), Bret, and Jared were all on a boat together and they did well considering how everyone else did but the fishing was just ok today. They caught four yellowfin with the largest at 80lbs and the smallest at about 35 or so. Only a few blackfin, a ton of bonita, one AJ, and one 70lb HOO. I think argo caught a nice hoo also and they had a few on the boat. I heard that the hoos are thick and were raping the guys of hooks all day. I would much rather be out with the guys than sitting up here at work typing on this dang computer. Good luck to the guys tomorrow. They are expecting seas at 4ft and plan on going out first thing in the morning.
I would have been jigging and throwing bombs in that case.
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