Hey guys a quick tip on making your own

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  1. Deepblue water

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    If you willing to make your own assist hooks or assist rigs for hight or slow jigging
    I buy my own stuff and i make them myself with a little bit of time.
    I’m just showing how the jigs comes from stock and what I did to make it better.
    Let me know what you guys think
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  2. JohnnyMax

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    Is there a link or pictures I am not seeing?
    I am intertested.
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  3. Deepblue water

    Deepblue water Active Member

    Hey sorry for that, I don’t know what happened to the pics I posted.
    Here a pic of what I personally use

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  4. Stevo

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    Looks good
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  5. JohnnyMax

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    Thanks. I am looking into making my own jigs
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    BADASSCHINITO Active Member

    looks great! i like to cut the heatshrink wrap a little longer to fully cover the kevlar line into the eye of the hook through the knot
  7. FalconerRods

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    For what it's worth...I put together an instructional video on how to tie your own American style SPJ assist hooks in the Benny Ortiz fashion. You can search 'Falconer Custom Rods' on YouTube and find my channel. Again, all credit to Benny on the method but some find the live video demonstration helpful.

    Also have a video up on the traditional style using spade eye hooks. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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  8. manu

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    Hopefully soon moving out of the city to the country side where the days are longer and slower, so I think I will have the time to make my own assist rigs/hooks. Your final product looks really nice. Good idea!
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  9. Observer

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    Curious if the split ring on the tail is necessary? Can the assist not just go directly to the eylet of the lure?
  10. DenisB

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    Assists are being used on all sorts of lures these days .
    Their primary function is improving hookup ratio as the hook(s) swing into the fish's mouth on the assist cord /leader with the suction of the bite/strike.
    There are 2 basic strike types :-
    - aggression or nip.
    feeding strikes are very vigorous & intended to fully inhale
    aggression strikes & nips are" investigatory" nips that aren't intended to fully inhale.............assists hook configurations have greatly increased the hookup ratio with those types of strikes.......... and hence the overall fishing hookup rate.
    The use of a split ring or split-solid improves the mobility of the assist hook to respond to that suction compared to attaching the assist leader directly to the hanger on the lure creating a stiff joint, especially where the assist cord configuration is very stiff.

    Another situation arises where assists are replacing trebles on non-metallic lures like jerkbaits ,vibes , etc.......... as assist configurations are much lighter than trebles the sinking rate /balance/action of the lure can be affected ( especially on small lures). retaining the splitring & using a solid ring to the assist, maximises ballast weight nearest original with treble, & typically optimises action, as well as assist mobility.
    BTW when using small assists as replacements for trebles on smaller lures the old original stiff fireline is very popular............& old stock in stores highly sought after.
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