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A must have lure if there ever was one.

Stocked in the best colors PLUS custom colors we have designed and Heru has made especially for us! A few are the Lemon/Lime color and the Green Metallic Flake - both are tuna killers.


If you buy 5+ lures, or 10+ lures will get a LARGE DISCOUNT which will appear in your shopping cart.

Heru come un-rigged so you if need Owner ST-66 or ST-76 they can be shipped alongside the lures. We also have single inlines from Owner and VMC

Heru Cubera Metallic Green.jpg
Heru Cubera Yellow.jpg
Heru Cubera Lemon Lime.jpg
Heru Cubera Pink.jpg
Heru Cubera White.jpg
Heru Summer 2020 00013.jpg
Heru Cubera Popper 00008.jpeg
Heru Cubera Popper 00009.jpeg
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