Help with tuna for us Brit's

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  1. mak1

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    I'm going to have a go for the blue fin of our coast. What I want to know is will the tacKle be up to it fish range from 150 to 400 with most been just over 200.

    This is the tacKle I can get my hands on as are limmited in the UK and it's only a one off trip

    Jigging Master Fallings Special rodthat is jig rated 350 to 500g.

    Okuma makaira 16sea with 450m of 100lb Jerry Brown hollow on it

    What top shot would you recommend

    What drag levels at strike should I be using
  2. sharkfishing76

    sharkfishing76 Fishing Guru

    80-130 lb leader depends but 100 will works on 100 or 400 lb bft, drag I would not set anything less than 27-30 lb

  3. mitchman

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    Are you planning on trolling, live bait fishing, casting, jigging, or all of the above? It will make a difference in what setups are recommended!
  4. mak1

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    We will be live baiting at slack water then when the tide picks up we will be trolling
  5. north coast

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    I wouldn’t troll with that rig but you have a shot with bait. Shark fishing’s suggestion is good.
    You had better be on your game and have everything perfect though. These fish will test everything that you can do and everything you did tackle wise.
    Every connection must be perfect.
    I’ve taken many of them on spinning gear. And some to 98” on heavier gear.
    The big ones are more work than fun if you ask me. I like them under 150lbs. Those are fun.
    Good luck!
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  6. Daniel Z

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    Definitely going to give you a workout.