help with radar ?

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by captianmitch41, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. captianmitch41

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    i am a new boat owner with a awesome raymarine c-120. gps and sonar are great but i cant seem to figure out the radar yet.have made sevral trips without a hitch but i am dreading the day when i really need it and cant use it.can anyone help me out or direct me to someone that can ?i am in austin and will be fishing out of either poc or freeport the weekend after the 4 th. have book but cant figure it out.cant get antena to power - up ,had it working once [my son] but i am kinda slow with electronics, any help would be greatly apprecieated. mitch 512 299 7284
  2. Bret

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    I would check all of the electrical connections and fuses.. sometimes they get a little corroded and need to be redone or cleaned. (or jiggled a bit every now and then)

  3. Seaweed

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    I had the same problem so to speak. For sure do what Bret said as I found a loose ground, but also I found it went to a switch to power it up that I didn't know what the switch was for it wasn't labeled or anything. Follow your power and see where it goes.