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    I just recently purchased a Penn International 80TW with old Dacron line which I removed. Under the Dacron there is a heavy black cord that was attached to the old line. My question is, should I remove this black cord or just attach the new line to the cord?

    Thank You...
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    1st welcome to the board...

    You did not say how much cord?
    Anyway start fresh, Clean the reel with out any line on it.
    Check post by Alantani. To decide how deep you want to clean and lube your new reel.
    If you are going to load the reel with mono or braid the approach is a little different but not much. The person that placed Dacron may of felt it nedded
    a backing prior to the Dacron, current thoughts are that Braid and Dacron
    do not need backing to prevent line slip. This can be researched here also.

    I don't recall (don't have one) if your 80 has a pin on the spool to anchor line to. If not no matter a cushion tape (after cleaning) on the spool will prevent line slip anlong with propper packing of new line.
    Enough from me others should chip in and help also.

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    i agree with kevin
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    Thank You both, I followed your advice and am very happy with the results.
    Once again thanks...