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How on earth do you decide which high end rod to buy without the possibility to try it ?
yes i know its a matter of preference and cant go wrong eith either of these
but still spending quite a lot and would prefer to do my best to get it right
unfortunately the stuff im able to try from my friends is completely out of stock everywhere (shimano OJlimited, Takamitechnos)
so i have to pick on my own

fishing specs are mainly - up to 30-40m- using jigs under 100gr
60-80m (most oftenly used) - jigs from 120-gr to 200gr usually
and sometimes going 200m deep so would like a set designated for that - jigs 400-500gr

so far im able to get my hands on these rods

Ever Green Poseidon Slow Jerker
Temple Reef Levitate Nabla
Deepliners- most models and sizes are available and logical prime
Beat- 10th anniversary and propagates
Sea floor - Rapiers, Jereks, Control
Garage Nagi

as for reels
i have an OJ1500 and an OJ2000- which i can use for shallow and mid depth respectively
for the deeper stuff im able to get
Marfix C3
Studio Ocean mark - but not all models, L50- only the Pw version
L80 - can get both Hi or Pw, 2021 or 2020 version

Would greatly appreciate help choosing

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Like you mentioned above, I had to purchase to try them out. After much cash spent and trying, and then selling, the 3 rods that work best FOR ME are Hearty Rise, DeepLiner and Poseidon. So, my choice of the ones you listed would be the DeepLiner logical or EverGreen Poseidons. Your OJ1500 and 2000 would be perfect for most of your setups depending on what PE you’re using. If I remember you can get about 300m of PE4 on a 2000. If you’re able to use a PE2 or 3 that will increase your capacity. if you need to go with a larger PE than any of those other reels you listed will be fine or an OJ3000.


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i myself too have to go through experimentations to test. From there i like the Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerkers, SeaFloor Control Jereks & Rapiers and Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari.

I would recommend on the Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari as addition to SPJ rod list to try.

reels wise, i have used Saltiga 15 & 35 but not the Shimano OJs.
I have Marfix NH4 but it is too heavy for me.
And i settled down to Studio OceanMark L30, L50 & L80 Hi gear reels for the line capacity (which i want) and lightweight.
The L80 being a bigger reel is lighter than Saltiga 35

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I would recommend Deepliner Logical 60 or 70 #1, Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker PSLJ603-2, or the Garage Nagi GNCB60 #0. You can not go wrong with any of these rods. Also can not go wrong with Ocea Jigger. For what you are looking for at the moment I recommend the earlier version / Color silver spooled with no more than 20lb braid.
If you enjoy Slow Pitch Jigging, you will soon realize that having more setups will come in handy. If you buy more I recommend you stay with same company so you can get accustomed to their line and nuance their set of rods offer.

Good luck and happy fishing!
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