Help identifying my fishing rod

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by chuck_w, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. chuck_w

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    This is the first fishing rod I have owned and I can't find any information on it. I love this rod and use it as my primary stand up rod. When I first bought it, it came to me as a package deal from a seller on ebay paired with a 50W reel which is what I was really after. It is a one piece rod, all rollers, about 5 ft. long, and the only marking on it says "Case Rock". I know little about rods and rod building but I also know there are people on this site who have tons of knowledge that I might be able to tap into so....who can tell me what I have? fishing rod 1.jpg fishing rod 2.jpg
  2. north coast

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    If that's all it says on it nobody ( except maybe case rock) is going to be able to tell you much of anything about it.
    If you had clearer pics maybe we could tell you if it was glass or graphite. If it had a set of Winthrop guides on it, it might narrow it down a little. But with the info you put up here it could have been put together by any of literally hundreds of builders.

  3. paul708

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    hard to tell from pic.

    what is the number on tip. most blanks are sized by tip.
    being 5' it could be a cut blank, i do use a few 5' blanks.