Help for Louisiana trout, reds

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Chasin Sushi, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Chasin Sushi

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    Leaving now for Louisiana to pickup the boat & repaired truck we had to leave in Gonzales LA over Thanksgiving when we broke down going tuna fishing. Offshore weather looks bad, so we are going to bring some trout rods and wet a line tomorrow. I have only fished offshore in LA & have no idea where to fish inshore.
    We are limited to areas that we can access with my 30' offshore boat.

    Thanks for any help,
  2. Bret

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    you should pm capt mike ellis, or capt eddie, I am sure they can give you some insight into where to begin..

  3. A.whitman

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    go out any pass and the reds will be there. i think the west delta might be the most sheltered. that is all the way in venice however. If you want you could launch in lake paunchatrain(sp?) and fish the bridges for miles. the trout will either be on the up current or down current sides of the legs so once you find where they are its easy. the reds will be on bottom and sometimes a few yards off the legs. good luck on the trip home with the boat!!
  4. Fishhead56

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    This is your return to Tx trip. Right?
    Cameron Jetties are a shot. Ramp is on the west side of ferry landing which will handle your size of boat. Very end of south\west jettie just on the channel side for trout. 200yds from the end of the north\east jettie on the channel side for reds.
    That's where I would look.
    Throw jig\tout\cocahoe\sand eel jr\ up current on in or out going tide. Let it
    just drift by. No action required, soft bite.

    I have not been to these Jetties since Rita but this worked for 20 years every year @ this time of year.

    Just think, major funnel point between inland water and the Gulf..