help decide my third setup please

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by sharpshooter, May 21, 2009.

  1. sharpshooter

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    i've got a fishing trip in a few days if the weather holds and i need help picking which setup to take. i can take 3 rigs with me cause its a private boat and space is an issue. we will be targeting ajs and trolling any weedlines we find. my OTI 600/saltiga 40 and OTI 300/saltiga 20 will definitely go. for my last setup i have 4 options.

    1. Penn Intl 50w 2speed and 50-100# all roller rod. this would be good for trolling up anything and kicking some aj tail, but may be overkill.
    2. Penn Baja Special on a heavy 20-50# shimano Tallus rod. it could be used for trolling (braid backing) and would handle bottom fishing reasonably well.
    3. Shimano Shperos 1400 on an OTI 7'6" popping rod. Ive been dying to try this one out. would be able to throw poppers when we hook up trolling and p/u a bonus fish, but wont troll or bottom fish well.
    4. Avet Sx (magged) on a 7' 20-40# kingfish rod. Great for catching bait, drifting livies, and pitching to dolpin/ling. i can cast 2-4oz lures as well the OTI popping rod, but not enough drag to stop a huge fish or bottom fish.

    Help! i cant make up my mind! i appreciate the help guys.
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  2. BretABaker

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    #3 unless you dont expect to do any casting at all

  3. Fishhead56

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    Yeah #3
    Have it ready to pitch a bait, Live \Dead or have plug tied to it.
    Site cast to Ling,King, Dolphin...

    my .02
  4. SpecialK

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    Whatever private boat you are on should have some trolling rigs.
    Go with number 3...
  5. jig

    jig Senior Member

    agree with #3
  6. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Senior Member

    thanks guys! when do you all pull out the poppers. i usually jig all day. when do you think its appropriate to start popping. this will be a day trip . i figured id throw some after hooking up on the troll, or casting toward a weedline. i also think ill switch from 80# leader to #150 just in case a wahoo hits it. any other ideas?
  7. fonz

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    Whats up Daniel?
    Your right the 50w is too much reel...

    If you can cast the saltiga as good as the Shperos take the Baja, if not take the spinner.
    You can troll with the Saltiga 40 and the Baja
    That way you have a rig to jig, troll/bottom drop and one to cast/sight cast.

    Wish I was going, Need to work some O.T....
    Take Care, Good Luck
    Tell Larry, Stan & Kyle Hi...
  8. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Senior Member

    hey fonz. i can cast the saltiga ok but nothing like the spinner. besides, ive been wanting to use the popping rod for something. i didnt realize people popped so much in different situations. figured it was limited to night fishing around lights. probably taking the popper cause if it wont bite a jig or popper, id dont care to catch it! we'll see if it produces as well as jigs do for me. see ya next time.