Heck of a Way to end a Good Evening!!!

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by PiePuncher, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. PiePuncher

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    We all know that Brandon has been the king of bad luck as of recent but tonight I might have helped him change things. I think I soaked up some of that bad luck!!!!! More to be posted soon but I made it home safe....What a way to end a good evening. Hope everyone had a good time and it was a blast!!!!! If only my tires had made it through the evening. I never thought a stick and a screw driver could be so helpfull.... If I wasn't sober when I started working on the tires, I was deff. sober when I finished..... TJ, awesome rod, Bert, hell of a rod and reel. It was a blast guys and see you soon. Good night... I COULDNT BE MORE SLEEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Well, spill the beans,, what happened?????/

  3. mcgolfer

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    damn piepuncher
    i beat you home and i had to drive 170 miles. now as bret said spill the beans....rick
  4. PiePuncher

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    That wild turkey I got ahold of last night kicked my butt and is still kicking my butt. To make a long story short(because I am hung like a champ) I had a flat and no jack or pieces to a jack set. Maybe I will feel like typing later but it hurts my head to think. Was a rough evening trying to change a tire without any tools. For some reason neither brandon or I had what was needed to change a tire. SUCKED.. The wett ground sucked and having a buzz and having to change a tire sucked. Meg went to bed while brandon and I made due. Thanks brandon. OH, the stick and the screw driver were used to turn the jack, that is how desparate we were. Anyways, I made it home safe but what a way to end the evening. From here on out, I will always have a jack in the car.
    Had a great evening and it was good to see everyone. Rick, You must fly!!!! Glad you made it home safe. See you guys soon, time to watch some football and get rid of the hangover.
  5. Pope

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    Bad luck? I am budda's belly man. I feel like a rabbit's foot. Crap may hit me, but it never sticks. Glad you guys made it home safely.