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Heavy New England popping rod options

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Looking for a heavy popping rod for new england. Not targeting cape cod giants but may run into the occasional 70" fish. Would like to pair with a 14k. Any suggestions? Have experience with the Black hole Challenger bank 801H; but wondering what other options may be out there.
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Tons of options out there. Black Hole Nano (or graphite, but I like the nano in 8' personally-this is a rod I think matches better on the 18k but would work great on the 14k as well), Shimano Ocea Plugger, or one that I just put on on the deflection board and think may be my new favorite is the Nomad Offshore Spin H 50-80. A spectacular rod and will only cost you $400. Before getting my hands on that rod I would have also included the Grappler Type C in H but for $30 more bucks you get SiC vs Alconite guides and imho a better blank->you can also probably get it cheaper than the Grppler as Nomad typically isn't on the list of discount prohibited brands most tackle shops put out when they run a sale. You can also stray into the JDM brands and skys the limit on prices and choices...Just as a FYI, the 14k is a XH popping reel which probably wouldn't match too well with the BH CB801H which is designed as more of a jigging rod per the description from BH.
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