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Heavy New England popping rod options

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Looking for a heavy popping rod for new england. Not targeting cape cod giants but may run into the occasional 70" fish. Would like to pair with a 14k. Any suggestions? Have experience with the Black hole Challenger bank 801H; but wondering what other options may be out there.
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So many decent rods out there...and junk. I have tried many. My biggest problem w many rods is the warranty. So many expensive rods w a 1 year warranty. Ridiculous. I would look at the Howk bullfighter 250 (lifetime warranty), the Phenix Meglodon (love mine), or a Vanstaal Vs 70-500(discontinued). The Centaur & Jigging World rods are great for the money. I love saltywatertackle obx rods, but a 1 yr warranty for an $800 rod is Ridiculous.
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