Heads Up - Another Awesome post - Capt. Josh Temple

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by DeepBlueGulf, Sep 16, 2007.

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    You know I'm not affiliated with Josh Temple, but when I see his posts, and the great pictures that go with them, I just have to pass on the news!! This one is a winner!! More fishing from Puerto Vallarta!!! When they start selling their DVD's, I'm gonna be pre-buying! Enjoy

    BTW, no bikini's in this one, just awesome fish and scenery!

    When The Diamonds Turn To Dust...9/14 - Bloodydecks.com

    Tom - DBG
  2. Ragman

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    Thanks for sharing Tom! I don't get to BD as much anymore.

    I love Josh's reporting style, and the fact that he jumps a lot of quality fish is just a bonus! He even writes 3 languages in one report! LMAO

    Great pics too!

  3. mcgolfer

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    that cabo that he runs is one awesome fishing machine. we visited with him on our last day while we were at the gas dock. he and captian manny of the pacifico are good friends and fish a lot of the same area's at the same time....rick