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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by stresst, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. stresst

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    I was looking for a jigging rod that my Accurate 870N fits on for a last minute charter last nite. I didnt want a travala, so I tried a star rod, didnt fit on the seat if I want to use the rod clamp, so i tried a quantum rod-same thing, I wound up using a Daiwa saltiga jigging rod to get me throu the trip last nite. I didnt hookup with anything but was worried about a 140 daiwa rod. What other rods are out there(factory built) that will accomadate my reel? Without braking the bank. I asked this once before but forgot so im answering again. Thanks Angelo
  2. ichibahn

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    Accurate 870N rod clamp screw will not fit on rod with Fuji PSS reel seat (with palm support) or bigger than Fuji DPS size22 reel seat.
    You have to make a groove on both side of the reel seat with dremel to make it fit.

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    the barefoot jigging rods should fit the bill, but they have the PSS seat so you will have to modify it as ichibahn said