Hatteras NC From Sand to Snow for a bluefin!

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    Howzit Rob, Was a beast of a fish and although it was smaller than the fish I got last year, I thought this fish was an uber monster and had 2 tails but apparently you get bluefin that are just super strong and called demon fish! Felt like I had a few round with Mike Tyson in the ring! But really cool to get stretched and have a proper work out, just got to remember next time it is not a sprint like GTs but an ultra marathon and you have to let the fish tire out and get line when it allows you, no trying to show off and get the fish to the boat in 5 minutes!

    I think for the tuna it definitely works in Hatteras as the fish when they do come up are not shy at all and smash the lures. The action of the lure is not that great with the one single as nothing is anchoring the lure and I was basically winding the lure across the surface like a long pen lure and then working it slowly for a few meters and then again onto the surface. The other problem it was very windy so to keep the line tight with no bow in the line you had to work the lure fast, so for this the single worked very well and held in position by the rubber band so when the fish hit it was an easy hook up.

    I think for GTs it is a bit more difficult as you have to get more action out of the lure. But that said we have found most of the big GTs hit on the head of the lure so maybe one big single rigged with a band will work. Worth a try in Southern Oman end of the month and next month!

    Sami sends his regards and says you need to come fishing!!

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    Thanks Boet, will do some testing in the channel with a 9'0 kudako off the front and 4'0 st76 on the tail and see how it goes, might catch a US Navy sub if I'm lucky !
    My travel plans put me in the USA early march next year so think Hatteras should be a compulsory pit stop, so Sami watch this space.
    Keep it up boys and want to see more pics of stuff that's not for sale !

    Cheers- Rob

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    Hi Big Anchovy, When I find that elusive list to sign up for the Pink Abalone Moutoukenmaru I'll put my name down and your a close second......

    Sounds good, Nick. How was the weather today? Did you boys make it out? I called Sami back last evening but the call went to voicemail.
  4. Nick

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    Hi Rob, I think maybe try 2 x 8/0 Kudako on the front and back and see how you go, or maybe the ST76 on the belly and Kudako off the back. Sami likes this set up. I'll tell him to give you a shout and can sort out a plan. I have started to sort out dates already for Hatteras next year. Really cool place and lots of big fish around, everyone should get a few shots at big fish in 2-3 days of fishing! Everything is for sale.......

    Hi Big Anchovy, I was not able to go out today as I had to take care of a few things back home. But the other guys went and I'm looking forward to them getting back and will hopefully post the next days fishing. The guys were so super excited after sitting around in anticipation the whole day yesterday! I'll ask Sami to give you a shout tonight.

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    We found no tuna today and end up messing around with AJ :)
  6. entourage

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    Sami Where did you fish for an? Were you guys at the yellow towers or a wreck?
  7. Dino

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    nice work big Nick
  8. Khalid

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    how was it today. Waiting for a report.
  9. tailfisher

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    You all live the good life , being able to fish for bluefin
    . Its on my bucket list to catch one . Keep the report and pic's coming .
  10. VaRandy

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    Sami, if you guys are still in Hatteras call me on a non fishing day so we can get a meal together. Enjoyed the reports.
  11. Saltywater tackle

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    how was it today. Waiting for a report.

    Hi Khalid,
    No fish to report today, we found out later that the fish moved to the 900 line, way too far from where we started today.

    Sami, if you guys are still in Hatteras call me on a non fishing day so we can get a meal together. Enjoyed the reports.

    Hi Randy,
    I am heading back home tomorrow but i will be back on Sunday night ad if the weather permit we will be fishing on Monday, i will be in town for a while and will give you a call when the weather is bad.

    Tight lines
  12. Nick

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    It has been a few days since my last post of the trip to Hatteras with Minami-san and group. We ended the trip with no more tuna as the bite seemed to have died off a bit but we still had some great jigging and also an amazing time socially in the house and site seeing.

    Local Frisco fishing shop, supporting the local fishing companies!
    Love the weigh station!
    Tosa-san taking a look around, really great friendly place!

    The last day we woke up after a great evening around the fire making a BBQ again with fresh AJ on the fire. We got down to the Tuna Duck and received the normal friendly greeting and banter from Capt Dan and Mike. We loaded up and headed out the marina. The day before Sami and the team headed out without me due to me having a bit of work to take care of. But the day was a bit slow with no tuna being seen and so the guys ended up catching a heap of AJs. So we decided with Dan that we would head out in the morning and try to jig for AJs and then look for the tuna later in the day when the weather started to calm down a bit.

    Tuna Duck in the Marina going passed

    We arrived at the first spot and I went down with Chris close behind. Dan had put us on the spot and three jigs and I had a big hit, I put the pressure on as the fish was close to the bottom, I realized quickly I had a big fish and had a battle on my hands! Then Chris went tight next to me and we realized we into two very similar fish, I managed to get some line back and then the fish would pull the line off again, it was a tug of war for a good few minutes and I was starting to wonder what we had hooked up, I thought it might have been a shark as from the stories the day before the AJs had been in the 6-12kg range and this was definitely not 6 or 12kgs!

    Happy to be hooked up.

    I worked the OBX 500 to the max and was putting as much pressure as possible and finally I started getting some line back and got the fish to the surface. I saw the huge shine and bubble release and the fish was unmistakingly a big AJ. Really awesome fish, I got the fish to the boat, Mike landed the fish and we got a few good pictures and released the fish. Unfortunately Chris’s fish came off right close to the boat and it was another big AJ the same size.

    Putting max pressure on the OBX500, plenty power!
    Very happy with my first big Aj in the US. Caught on the OBX500 and Gold and Pink Drift Tune 280gr, awesome color for Hatteras.

    We carried on drifting and having heaps of bites and started catching a good number of AJs till the sharks showed up and started taking our fish at which time we decided to move to another spot. We carried on fishing for the next few hours and catching a lot of fish. Finally after our fill of AJs we decided to head out into the deep to look for bluefin with the weather and conditions much better.

    Minami-san bending on the 56XH, great to watch a master in action, amazing jigging style.
    Minami-san and Chris with a double up
    Tosa-san with a easy sea bass on the pink and gold again!
    Tosa-san bending.
    Tosa-san with a small AJ
    Sami in the action.
    Sami with a good sized AJ
    Minami-san with a taxed AJ.
    Sami and Tosa-san with another double up.
    Sami with a Blackfin Tuna, great to see one of these come out!

    We ran far and wide looking for tuna and tried a few markings that Dan spotted but we had no luck and we headed for home via a few kore AJs spots. We ended the trip on a high with a lot of fish landed on the last day, not AJs but still great fun. Finally the trip had come to an end and we arrived back at the marina and the group said their farewells to the Tuna Duck, Capt Dan and Mike.

    The final night we enjoyed another awesome dinner with the weather being near perfect. Chris also steam cooked a sea bass he caught and is undoubtly the best fish I have ever eaten!
    The final day arrived and we headed back for Saltywater Tackle to drop off the first group and pick up the next group before we headed straight back to Hatteras for round 2 which will follow shortly!

    Sami with one of the AJs we cooked on the BBQ, awesome with a bit of soy, olive oil and salt and pepper!
    BBQ in front of our house for the week.
    Back at Saltywater Tackle, receiving a prototype lure from Tosa-san! Very sweet!!

    It was a great trip and not a lot of fish but really good fun and memories. Fishing is not always about the physical catching of fish but the experience and adventure and it was great to spend time with Minami-san, Tosa-san, Chris and Sami. We went through a lot of tackle talk, tackle design and hopefully a few of these ideas will come to reality in the next few months! We have all agreed that we will come back next year February
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    Great report mate. Awesome fish and monster AJ's! Sounds like a great time with good company. Nothing like hours of tackle talk with a bunch of like minded fisho's!
  14. jordanis3r

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    Dude! looks cold!!!!
    You need to get some gym work in Nick ;)

    Awesome report! looking forward to rd2 - put me on the list for next year? :D
  15. HWK

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    Fantastic report,
  16. CaptV

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    Great pics. Thanks for the detailed report

    CAPT.JEFFB Junior member

    Hey guys congrats, nice monster AJ's great pics. Hoping to get 1 -2 days in nc this year just need more time away from work. sami & Paul hope to see you guys in the shop this week, I am going to Santa Catalina Brazil 3/8 and need a couple of things, screaming drags,Jeff.
  18. sami G

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    Hey guys congrats, nice monster AJ's great pics. Hoping to get 1 -2 days in nc this year just need more time away from work. sami & Paul hope to see you guys in the shop this week, I am going to Santa Catalina Brazil 3/8 and need a couple of things, screaming drags,Jeff.

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you :)
    The shop is open if you intend to come a bit late just give Paul a shout at the shop @ 718 648 2665.