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  1. MO1

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    I keep reading that a good harness is a must for
    tuna fishing. Then I look at a lot of the reels recommended for topwater and jigging, and they have no harness lugs. Comments anyone ?

  2. jedi243

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    For conventional chunking or live bait style tuna fishing a harness can be nice but is not a must. For tuna under 100 lbs a belt to put the gimbal in is usefull. When Jigging or throwing poppers for tuna and the reel doesn't have lugs you can either add a "get strapped" bracket effectively giving it lugs or enjoy the fight with just a belt. Additionally, though non IGFA allowable using the rail(if allowed by the boat) is another way of putting big fish in the boat rather quickly.

  3. Minnow

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    Mo1, welcom to 360tuna.

    Harness is not a must for tuna fishing, but it will help a lot.
    Another methode will be using the rail, most efficient way in my opinion, but less sporty than of harness. JMO

    for reel that doesn't have harness lugs, i use "Get Strapped Bracket"
    or rod rings for spinner.

    Sorry Jedi243, you post while i was typing.
    Good advice, thanks

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  4. MO1

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    Thanks for info, I have caught blackfin and small yf with just a belt, I should
    have stated " for Big Tuna " in my first post. I will look in to the bracket for
    my Avet LX.. but I will be using it for jigging, and don't expect any
    monsters doing that. I am still undecided on a chunking rig and topwater rig.

    good luck
  5. Minnow

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    For big tuna, using harness, or rail is a must in my opinion. Especially IF you are small guy like my self. Using harness and short stroke style can subdue big fish in the mather of minutes. Fighting big tuna with out harness and rail can be done, but too much work and wasted too much energy.

    Let us know which gear you decided to go with for your chunking and top water rig.
  6. ksong

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    You can handle any tuna under 100 lbs using rod huki.
    The rod huki is especially convenient to move around the boat to fight the fish.


    120 lbs bluefin tuna
  7. mcgolfer

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    the rod huki is a great invention and works great on a party boat as you have to unharness your rig most of the time when a tuna runs you around the boat. one thing about the rod huki make sure you buy the proper huki that fits the gimble snug. if it is not on snug then it can fall overboard or off very easily. i use my huki's mainly for jigging. another advantage of a huki is when you rest your rod against the rail or gunnel it doesn't fall over when the boat rocks....ric
  8. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    Welcome MO1

    You have gotten some excellent advice. When you do have that big fish on and wish to wear a plate and harness, I reccomend that you use a Smiity's Spyder harness and an extra large long range plate if you are over about 5'8" tall. A smaller plate is ok if you are not this tall. You want a plate that will spread the load accross your thighs with your feet at shoulder width apart. A too narrow plate will be a pain and tend to slip off a leg. Especially on a rocking deck.
    A Black Magic plate and harness would be my second reccomendation.
  9. Gunsmoke

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    I agree about the rod huki. It's great. I like drilling a hole on the round end and attaching a layard to hang off your belt. That way you don't have to look for it in a hurry. Make sure yours shorts aren't to loose or you will expose yourself to everyone on board. They are a little heavy for hanging off your shorts. I also like the Black Magic plate and harness. I just got another one in the mail yesterday. Capt. Harry's sells the set with a carrying bag for 249. 00

    I am in the process of making the ultimate milk crate. It's going to be real nice and real heavy. All the parts are in the mail and I should have it ready in a couple of weeks. I hate those one pound plastic milk crates. This one will not slide or move in 8-10 foot seas. If it does, I'll be in shock.
  10. bellyup

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    Gunsmoke, I can't wait to see that new ultimate crate. Post pics when you finish.
  11. Gunsmoke

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    OK, I'll post pics. It's already started. Right now its over 128 pounds and it's not finished. I'm waiting on 7 of the 90 degree cast brass with chrome plating Lee rod holders and some 1 1'2" thick rubber for feet. Stainless handles and rest is complete except for the fiberglass coating of the box. I'm going to need some help carrying these little beast.
  12. lite-liner

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    I guess you'll need to borrow Mcgolfer's crane to get that on the boat!
  13. Gunsmoke

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    Yea, it's heavy but it will not move or shift. Probably end up in the 150 pound range. Hopefully, I'll find a strong deckhand to help me. By the way, if anyone is interested Boatersworld is having their annual cooler sale. Buy a cooler at 30% off and whatever you can fit inside the cooler is 10% off. This is only for this weekend. I'm going to try to hit the Boatersworld in Corpus on my way down Friday. Here is the link.
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    Boatersworld and West Marine are 2 different places right?? lol.

    Harness lugs for the AVET LX- just talked to them yesterday on the phone (you will see why)= My AVET is set up for jiggin only as well... and you WILL hang a big fish jiggin and wish you had a place to hook up to...lol..... I bought a get strapped bracket, aluminum reel clamp, and the handle conversion( replaces the standard 90 degree LX handle with an offset angled EX handle). its on a Sea Magic 400 gram rod... I cant even look at it without gettin teary eyed.....lol. its my baby...hehe... I would sleep with it in my bed if' I wasnt afraid of getting a Prince Albert!
  15. Gunsmoke

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    Wow, I was going to Boatersworld and didn't realize the deal was at West Marine. That would have been ugly at the cash out this afternoon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  16. Bazztex

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    There are several Harness alternatives.

    AFTCO has a new standup butt bucket that is 69$ retail and reviews say it is a very good harness. The only thing I can see that might be a gig against it is the thick padding...it would make you sweat on the GOM.

    If you've looked at the OTR Harness check out the RONBO II and Ronbo standard harness.

    Gameface Gear has some sturdy stuff at resonable prices too. Check out the Long Ranger harness and the Angler P.A.D. plate 19" Wide.

    Just type "Standup Harness" into your search engine window for a WIDE selection.

  17. jt2hunt

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    does ftu and islander's have the huki and fighting belts? Thanks
  18. FWM0103

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    Islander's does, stock a Braid and another higher end one, can't remember the name. Give Chris a call @ (409) 621-1126.