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    What is a good harness to use?
    I plan to buy - need some advice
    It is for 7 & 7'6 OTI rod with Shimano Stella 20K & Daiwa Saltiga SA-Z5000
    I do use Accurate 870 with OTI 300gr also.
    Thanks !
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    Can't speak for the spinning side; but, there are no lugs on either Accurate 870. So no need to buy/wear a harness unless you're also going to install a harness lug thingie on the Accurate. If you don't like polka dot rod butt bruises from using your conventional gear, get a Rod Huki or anyone's day plate.

    Edit--at the risk of being controversial, I would suggest that you think very carefully before you use anything by way of a standup fishing harness which goes over your shoulders if you are going to fight large fish. Here's my reasoning: 1. Such an arrangement raises your center of gravity for the fight (putting you at greater risk of falling); 2. It gives the fish a long lever to work against the grip of your shoes on the deck; 3. It runs the fight through your upper body and back--a part of your anatomy weaker than your butt and legs (the center of the standup fight). All of this concedes to your fish a significant portion of what could be your advantage. Then bear in mind that unless you're Charles Atlas, Sylvester Stallone or Ahnold Schwartzenegger, you may be out-classed by the physical condition of your fish--there are no out-of-shape tuna. Be as sporting as you like about handing advantage to the fish, but remember the safety risk.

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    You might want to consider a Get Strapped Bracket with that Accurate 870.

    Just Google it and you should be able to find a number of places to buy one.

    As far as a harness is concerned, I use a Braid Blue-Fin Harness

    I like it because the over-the-shoulder straps keep it where I want it.

    I use a Reliable aluminum gimbal plate with it.
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    There is some thing available on ebay for accurate boss's. Check it out. Sorry I dont have the link.
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    As goe-nads where destroyed many fish ago. I went with navel gimbel implant.:)
    I got tired of not finding what was going on below the equator,
    Including gimble plate.

    I'll report further after staples are removed.
    Might need to adjust reel seat and fore grip
    on some of my rods though.

    This also reminds me of a shop hand that asked a VP why he did not get a 1
    year belt buckle. After he was told they were no longer awarded. I reached
    below and took off my 10 yr buckle and gave it to the tech. later when asked
    by a HR worm and pin head VP (others are my friends)
    I just had to tell them no matter, as I had not seen the buckle it the last 12 years any way.


    Some one did link a video the other day where the angler had a butt cushion
    (for lack of better words) on a tag line tied to his belt loop and kept it in his
    pocket. One quick reach and he placed it on the rod. minimal but looked ok
    for saving the stones.

    Below photo

    OTI rod in navel, not in gimbel plate.

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    BAOSABI Senior Member

    You can use a Reel Rest #RR100 from Braid for your spinning tackle. It's less bulky than the metal rings. They only cost about $12.

    Braid Products
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    I was going to tell you the play-action swivel-gimbal belt is a great lo-$$
    alternative, but I gues you already dropped the hammer, soooooo......
    good luck!
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    Thanks - lite-liner - I saw "play-action swivel-gimbal belt" - snap on belt - almost bought it but decide to get the braid belt instead.