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Was wondering if anyone has actually had problems with these guides. Seems the main choices out there are these, the Alconite and the SiC guides. Just curious if this is Fuji marketing at work, or if there really have been a decent number of guys (more than the very, very rare ones... there will be a few problems with any almost any product on the market) that have had problems with the Hardaloys. I know the large companies are good at marketing newer and more expensive products by putting out the word that there are problems with the old stuff and the newer, more expensive fixes this perceived problem. Is this the case with guides here, or are there really benefits to paying more for SiC? Curious as to who has had the Hardaloy, used with braid, with no problems at all. Or maybe somebody has actually done some informal testing on the three?


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i dont think its marketing.
fuji really doesnt "market" ..that much

most guys dont have a problem with hardloys.
but for a little more money you can have a better guide.
if price is a issue. use hardloy.

i really dont recommend hardloy tips.

guide rings are rated by hardness and abitity to disperse heat.
heat is created by line going thru rubbing guides.
Heat hurts the line.
hardloy are one of the lowest on that list.

i was just talking to a guy who "flatspotted" a alconite guide, he was spooling his line on reel. (i am waiting on pic),
i have seen different problem with all different guides.

most guys looking for a custom, dont come in a get a highend blank and say. i want the cheapest guides avail. but some do.

when someone come to me for a custom, i take the time to go over all the guide choices, ring choices. frame choices. not just fuji
and why some may be a better choice for his applacation.
i will spend way to much time talking about guides,

we do rodbuilding classes every year.
and i do the guide demo, pretty much the same info as what guys getting a custom made.

dont forget you have also have , hiloy, siN, zerconia, cermet, alum oxide.
and more to choose from.


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I have used hardloys and SIC's for years. I used to work for Dale Clemens Custom tackle when they were in business. They wrote the book literally on rod building. There is definitly a difference. SIC cast better handles braid better and has less wear. But is very brittle and can break very easy with abuse or even a good bang. Hardloy holds up better and is a good all around guide back in the day. It is perfect for offshore without braid or a charter boat that gets a lot of use and abuse. My personal favorite is cermet, but it is pricey. It is very durable super smooth, holds up excellent to any line. But, the price is a killer and practicality is an issue. On my personal rods for big game light tackle I use Cermet. Most of my personal stuff I use SIC. Everything on our charters boats in Costa Rica is hardloy or rollers. I hope this helps.

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Hardloy guids are OK for even braided lines. However I highly recommend to replace the hardloy tip guides with SIC tip guide as I lost many fish and expensive Japanese color coded PE line due to the small cracks on the Hardloy tip guides. When I used Japanse color coded line years ago, it was $50 per 100 meter.:eek:
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