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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Betsi, Jade and I are headed to Wimberley and Blanco for Turkeyday. I hope you all have a happy and Safe Holiday!!

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happy thanksgiving to all....rick
I wish Thanksgiving was over. My wife has 28 people coming over and she's driving me nuts. Nobody offered to bring a thing. We have to supply everything. Bunch of mooches. I'm swamped at work and don't even know my name right now. My chore after leaving work is to bring 3-162 QT igloo's home full of ice.

I'm dreading tonight's list and Thursday morning's list. It's times like this that makes me wish I was single. She's a great woman but when she entertains its living H-e-l-l. Surly anybody reading this knows what I am going though.
dude..... lets escape!! I have 2 families to go to tomorrow, have to cook tonight :turkey,gravy,pies,smashed tators, dressing tonight cause fiance has to work late... Then get up and go over all wedding stuff on my day off when I can concentrate. ... do the thansgiving stuff all afternoon, get home and get to bed so I can be back at work on friday and listen to the crickets chirp! Cause my boss thinks we will miss that "one" call possibly....lol. Oh well....

so how fars the boat from Dallas??

My break will be this weekend while fiance has to work, and I HAVE to fish...lol

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I want to say not only Happy Thanksgiving to everyone but also to thank everyone on this board who has put up with my nagging questions so far and who is looking forward to doing so between now and Christmas. :) My wife is a vegetarian so no need to cook or sit around watching it happen (the good news is that she is a vegetarian who eats fish and whose favorite food is tuna--I have taken her to Central Market and showed her the price of Yellowfin.) We are going to eat in Rockport and try to make arrangements to get a couple of lots cleared. Happy holiday to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys. Have a safe and happy turkey day.
Happy Thanksgiving guys!

I don't have to cook a thing, but have to drive to S.A. to the cousin's, and then to their ranch. I've got it easy this year. Best to all.

Tom - DBG
Happy thanksgiving to all, gabo gabo gabo :)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my new friends at 360
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