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  1. Vince6o1

    Vince6o1 Well-Known Member

    looking for a intro slow pitch rod. Hanta has peaked my interest with the hanta hybrid 54-8c. Has anyone gotten their hands on one and tested it? Need opinions or are there other rods in same price range I should consider
  2. north coast

    north coast Senior Member

    I just bought a hanta yesterday.
    Very impressive blanks.
    Can't tell you much else except
    I went through the whole Rissa show in Rhode Island yesterday and for me, it was the most impressive thing there. I went to the show to pick up a black hole magic eye and swore I wouldn't spend another dime!
    Well,I came home with 2 rods, if that helps.

  3. benwah22

    benwah22 Well-Known Member

    Temple Reef Gravitate is another option. I've tested them extensively, they are the real deal.

    Be wary of "slow pitch" rods that show how much weight they can hold. Generally, my experience has been that when someone shows that their slow pitch rod can hang a 20lb weight from it, it likely doesn't move a jig well.
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  4. Vince6o1

    Vince6o1 Well-Known Member

    I ended up getting a hanta sensation rod. For under $300 shipped it doesn’t hurt to try. I’ll posts back when It comes in and I’ll try it on some tunas
  5. Vince6o1

    Vince6o1 Well-Known Member

    Where do you get your temple reef rods from? Last year I couldn’t even find a dealer in the USA that had the rod I wanted in stock. Finally found the R7 from another member here
  6. uncle rico

    uncle rico Senior Member

    I have never used the Hanta slow pitch - but I have a few casting rods that Mike Garone built me that I love. The casting rods are great.