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  1. WickedGoodOutdoors

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    Who uses traditional Handlines for Giant Tuna?

    Any suggestions on rigging them up?
  2. Irish Jigger

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    Hardly a subject for a sports fishing Forum,methinks. :angry:

  3. oilpatch

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    Lol damn this guy can't catch a break.
  4. lite-liner

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    Actually one of the best tuna fishermen on this board is a previous bluefin handliner.
    (I was gonna say "old", but I better not, LoL!)
    he's told me a couple stories that literally gave me goosebumps.
    very sporting- in a russian roullette kinda way.................
  5. bay bruiser

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    Do the knuckles on one hand drag on the ground from his arm being stretched? :) much respect !!!

    still lots of island boys catching huge fish from one man dug out canoes with hand lines...... They just eat em though, no photos, posting reports and debating the merits of circle or J hooks......
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  6. lite-liner

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  7. Kim

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    OK that was pretty radical. It would probably kill me if I tried it but not such a bad way to go,
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  8. DenisB

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    The trick is 400# BS line about 40M long between hook & a 12" pressure rated buoy then enough line to stay in touch between the buoy & you
    a tuna will sprint at up to 30MPH & that 12" bubble will generate +300# drag at that speed...........................sporting it aint.............. commercial it is.
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  9. madday

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    old school jerry can fish buster still being used.... widely in indonesia....
    that is such amazing feat to see, a 40 ltr jerry can could be dragged and dived down... by an almost grander marlin....
    and the fisherman was just held the extension line while relaxing.... :D
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  10. Mobywan

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    They use anchor balls here for swords. Guy got one over 600
  11. seth

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    Commercial maybe but tons of fun, when we are offshore drift fishing we always run a heavy handline, called a lurk line, 4 feet of 400 lb cable, 200 feet of 400 lb mono, 200-300 feet of small diameter rope in a crate attached to the back of the mono. The variety of fish that bite on this unusual rig is crazy, I know a guy who had his boat towed over 5 miles before the mono parted, never saw whatever it was.
  12. WickedGoodOutdoors

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    The only thing that we had to use were drop lines when I was a kid. We could spin up a few ounce lead sinker on some tarred marlin line with a couple flounder hooks and let it fly off the beach or jetty. Works in fresh or salt water. A few times the Boys Club would charter some old wood boats and jam 25-30 of us kids on them and give us sand ells for bait. Great way to catch Mackerel.

    Well, I now have a boat but still cant afford those big fancy Rods with Golden Reels for giant Tuna. I recall story's of guys using 16 ft skiffs and hand lines with beer kegs and catching 500 to 1000 pound Bluefin right down by the Merrimack River.

    Figure Ill give that a try. Anyone want to join in the fun?

    Yea, Im also looking for a large supply of chicken necks to run a trot line for crabs.

    GARRIGA Senior Member

    You guys should watch "The Old Man and the Sea".
  14. MarlinMaster

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    That handlining can be dangerous. I saw a video on youtube about a guy handlining a goliath grouper then the line got wrapped around his ankle and he got pulled in.