half moon bay to pescadero, 9/9/08

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  1. alantani

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    a man's gotta know his limits.

    too many reels to fix, too little time. hell with it, i'm going fishing. i launched out of half moon bay with my neighbor, jeff, and a fellow grady owner, frank. crewmember #4 flaked, and his name shall not be mentioned.

    all systems running hot, straight and normal......




    we hotfooted it out to my supersecret spot, soon to be followed by the queen of hearts and the riptide. so much for solitude.



    i rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    jeff comes in second.


    frank was a close third.


    the ice chest floweth over! three limits of rock fish and 3 nice lings, all taken on a variety of gear.


    i conned jeff into having his wife make dinner for us this evening. they are both from mainland china. having dinner at their home is like walking into a 5 star chinese restaurant. i brought the shochu, and you are lucky to be getting an intelligible report this evening.


    BAOSABI Senior Member

    Excellent report after the shochu! We usually mix it with something like 7UP over here in Dallas. The roast duck and steamed fish is making my mouth water. Must be nice having access to fishing like that anytime you want.

  3. JerseyBrian

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    Oh man, that looks fantastic!
  4. thunnus

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    Wow, fantastic fishing and dining ! Great report... :D

    I just wonder with the picture of food on the left one, was it grilled 'flying fish' ? :p