half moon bay, california - 7//1/08

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    long run today. took four guys out that were major donors to a charter school that a friend of mine is involved with. we started out at san g, then to pescadero, then bean hollow and finally down to the light house. it was a tough bite. i could see plenty of fish on the meter, but most did not want to play. most fish came in on iron, a few on bait. unlike last year, we lost alot of gear today. the wind came up fast and early, making for a very fast and costly drift. i ran one engine in slow idle reverse all day. that worked pretty well. i hate chutes!

    meet mike!






    and tim!


    it was very nice to see the queen of hearts with a full load!


    chris from the kayak club.


    and matty, showing off!



    we ended up with only 17 rockfish for the four of them. i ran the boat, kept them rigged, and cleaned fish. tough day, very tough drift, but nice to be out on the water anyway. alan


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    Looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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    Alan, that is 1 beautiful Grady!
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    Nice report Alan. For your typical trip like that in California, how far is the run out and in?