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got a pm last month from a guy named ted (aka stickfish) on the ifish.net board. he was asking about fishing options in the san francisco bay area. i figured that this would be the best bet.

welcome back, gentlemen, to the "triangle of death!!!!!"

meet stickfish! he was pretty much hooked the entire day on 3 and 4 ounce s.

i also had the pleasure of fishing with bob, who lost more than his share of hardware today, ......

and his son, jason, who spent the day getting fishing lessons fron his dad!!!!!!!!!

we stuck a quarter limit of fish right away and were then joined by captain bob ingles of the queen of hearts .......

.... and dennis baxter of the new captain pete. nice to see the rails full!


to give ourselves a little more room, we fished the 37.15 line in 60 feet of water near pescadero. no special spots, just set up on the 37.15 line, cut the engine and drifted. it was a great day. i didn't have to clean the fish.....


we caught an easy limit for everyone ........


and once again, i ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!

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