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    We headed out Friday afternoon for a 2 day trip to the Floaters. The seas were alot worse than expected but it wasn't going to stop us so we pounded our way through the night hoping to be there by daylight but we were a little behind as the sun came up and we still had 30 miles to go. We finally got there and the water looked like crap and had alot of grass but we gave it hell anyway. After trolling around for a while we decided to head to another rig in hopes of better water and fish.
    The next rig was not much better than the first but we did pick up a small Wahoo. On to the next rig still searching for better water and that is were we found it, and we were not the only ones. It seemed like everyone out there was fishing the same area due to the better water.
    We trolled around for a while and then hooked up on a decent sized Blue only to have him throw the hook after about 5 minutes. A little bummed we put out the spread and continued to troll and caught another small Wahoo before we decided to catch some live bait. We live baited for the rest of the afternoon with no luck until a nice Mahi hit a hard tail and the fight was on. We put him in the boat and went right back to it but no mare action for the rest of the day.
    We turned our intrest to Tuna as it got dark and they were jumping out of the water all around. We had no problem catching baitfin tuna and I caught several big Blacks and a few small Yellows on topwaters. Once we started chunking it was on and it didnt slow until we ran out of room for fish.
    The next day we live baited all morning with no action so we put the spread back out and trolled around for a while landing another nice Mahi before we headed home.
    A meat haul no doubt but our intended target the Blue Marlin only gave us one shot and we missed it. Maybe next time.

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    More pics.

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    Damn nice mess of fish ronnie. Hale Yeah strikes again. Congrats
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    Damn nice mess of fish ronnie. Hale Yeah strikes again. Congrats

    seriously! That's some good eatin' right there! Well done fellas and lady :)
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    Man, thats awesome Ronnie!! Thanks for the report..
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    Very good haul.
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    nice! I am jealous! come on lotto texas!!
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    nice report!
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    Nice catch. Your doing very well this year. I'm sure a big Blue is in your near future. Is your 31 gas or diesel? How much extra fuel did you have to haul for the trip?
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    Hey did you weigh that DO DO in the CCA star.....you might of made the board
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    Mr Bill, we have 315 hp Yanmar diesel engines and when we refit the boat in 05 I added an extra 100 gallons of fuel tanks ( a 50 on each side downstairs ) so we hold 320 and on the floater trips I take an extra 50 in a bladder. We usually burn about 300.

    Muddskipper, we did weigh in the Mahi for the STAR and it is in first place at 42 pounds 12 ounces. I know that there is alot of fishing still to do and all we can do is try to catch a bigger one.