haddock/red fish in Cape Cod on April 28

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    I had a good fishing with Capt Jimmy the Greek out of Green Harbor, MA on Sat.
    It was stupid fishing and we got our limit by 10:30 am though we released keeper size haddock.
    We ventured out for red fish in deeper water and we found them.
    Four anglers jigged and Capt Jimmy used bait, but it didn't matter as all hammered them.
    I used 6'8" Black Hole Charter Special Slow Pitch jigging rod/ IRT 300 filled with 20 lb braid. with 7 - 10 oz jigs
    Park used the same Charter Special Slow Pitch jigging rod/JM PE2 and Tomo of Tomo Tackle used 6'6" Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rods and all worked great.
  2. John Borrelli

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    I just went haddock fishing myself. It looks like you guys had a great day. Tomo is a great guy and is an expert fisherman, anyone in Massachusetts should visit his shop. And if forum members don’t know, there is nothing like fresh, fried haddock and red fish.

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    What lure is that in the Haddocks mouth in the 5th picture ?
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