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I had a couple friends who have done very little offshore fishing and as such my son & I felt it only appropriate that I introduce them to a species that will give a little pull. We left the dock Friday morning around 7:30 and were met by relatively nice conditions….at least for the first part of the trip.

By 9:00 we had loaded the bait well with about 2 dozen nice sized Runners and proceeded to run out to the Springs +/- 32 miles out. We had a following increasing sea with winds in the 14 to 16 mph range so I knew a portion of the ride back would not be all that enjoyable but my crew was game so we continued. Once we arrived at the Springs I set up a drift and proceeded to put out some baits at varying depths. I like fishing for Jacks with relatively light tackle 20 and 30 lb mono and 5 to 6 feet of 40 lb fluoro leader & 2 oz. sinkers. As we passed over the Spings and I saw the fish finder light up I knew they would be in for some fun. Every drift we caught fish and had several double hook-ups. We fished until the bait was gone and caught a bunch of fish. Even saw a large Kingfish sky after a Runner but it broke off.

Warren had the first fish…

Warren's largest fish caught....ever!

Matt's turn….

Rich's turn….

Rich's largest AJ and largest fish caught ever!

Matt's fish back at the dock.

We also fished a hard bottom area for maybe an hour on the way back in and caught a couple dozen or so Red Grouper on cut bait, most being 16" to 19" with one 21" keeper.

It was a great introduction to the offshore game and the guys had a great time.

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