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Gutting Pic

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After gutting your animal, don't do like this guy. I always carry a box of wet wipes with me.


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isnt that the dirtiest job guy on tv??? He does do some nasty stuff.
This week end I could't get enough time off for an off shore trip.

So Sunday I went over to a buddy''s house in Alvin who was having a mouse

problem around his his horse barn.

While we drank beer we sent the boy's out with a sling shots to

see if they clear out a few. Not long after they claimed to have gotten

a good one.

As it worked out their trash cans were full and pick up was not until Tuesday.

So we decided to fillet and freeze this mouse.

Afterwards we sent the boys inside to play video games and got back to our

beer drinking a little before sun down.


From Galveston :)


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That's the biggest mouse I've ever seen. I'd hate to see the size of your moose problem. By the way, great pic. I like the way you tied the hoof off to the horns and tree. Gutting a large animal is a PITA.
If you don't have to leave the animal overnight why gut it at all? We just skin one side and bone the meat then flip it over and repeat. Works on mulies, whitetail and elk, should work on moose.

Phantom Fisherman
same here.. after shooting an animal and bleeding it... take it back to camp... hang it, skin it, guts came out with skinning.. then quarter and cut backstraps out... in the cooler- intime for some midnight jackrabbitt hunting.. LOL!!!! of course this was years ago in far west texas.
I realize you can field dress an animal without gutting it, but isn't getting your hands bloody part of the killing ritual. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't gut the darn thing. If someone killed me, I'd expect to be gutted right there on the spot of the kill. I might not taste good, but if your going to kill me, I expect you to have me for dinner.

I have a friend that loves to paint his face and body with a fresh kill. He doesn't wash it off until he's ready to head home. He's a hunting nut. I took him fishing offshore a few years back and he caught this nice YF around 135 pounds. After I ripped out the gill plate to bleed the fish, he started his body painting with the tuna's blood. What really surprised me was that he took the ripped out gills and started to chew on them. He chewed on those nasty gills for about twenty minutes. Somewhere I have a whole roll of film with him chowing down on those gills.

Here's a picture of what I believe is the natural process after a kill.


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