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That gun would do a number on a covey of quail running on the ground. It would also be a sweet weapon for destroying a trailer at a hunting camp. I've about had it with one guy. He has reached the level of scum with me. I see a destroyed trailer in his future. A calm normal man can only take so much before he hits the Destruction Derby Mode. This video gives me some great ideas.

I've been a pretty good boy this year at the hunting camps. :) The only destruction I remember is blowing up my camera with a 300 Wby mag. The deer I have been looking for finally showed his head last week. I haven't seen him for over a month. I had parked about a quarter mile from my blind and was about half way when I spotted him on a cactus flat. Well, I missed the shot. It was only 75 yards away but I only had a neck shot as I couldn't see the body.

I was standing offhand without a rest but thought I pulled the trigger just right. That deer would have dropped in his tracks with a .300 Wby Mag. I figured my gun had gotten off with all the riding around it has done the last few weeks. So, I pulled out my destruction proof Olympus waterproof camera and placed it on a fence post. It was either the camera, a pair of Zeiss bino's, or a flask full of JW blue for sipping. I choose the camera.

I tied it the ladder on my stand. I walked off about 75 yards and took a deep breath and squeezed off the trigger. To my surprise, the camera was history.:eek: The only evidence that I could find was the nylon strap that I tied to the ladder. I guess my scope was still on the money. Kind of sad, as that waterproof camera and me had a lot of memories. I've pissed on it, thrown it in the surf, buried it in the sand, poured whiskey over it, held it under a beer spout, tossed it into a cavity of guy gutting a doe, and sat on it many times. I killed my friend. Next time I will choose the flask.
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