gunny 9-6 report (w/TJ and Frank)

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    Well, A lot of bad luck this trip. The wx sucked big time as it has all year for me, Rain, stronger current than I have ever seen, knife in the fuel bladder, line in the props, Porps knocking of the flyers before the tuna, you name it. and it was all due to TJ (minnow) eating a banana before the trip, it dang near killed him when he went MOB. things were better after he got it out of his system though.hwell:

    Frank brought 2 friends that had never been tuna fishing before along with TJ and myself at the helm. Seas were choppy and the current made it even worse, The fishing was slow except for the bfts were thick. About 2 AM the current layed up a bit and then it rained for awhile just to see if we would give up and go home like normal folks would, But not us!
    I kept the boat over the fish all night and it finally started to pay off with a fish here and there on top waters and then the bite went steady till after daybreak. TJ was like a snipper with the OTI poppers and just picked them off at will. We ended with a dozen to 100lbs and the crew did a good job. Frank( the owner) was really starting to pick up on tuna fishing.

    Thanks to Frank for providing me with yet another unforgettable offshore experience.

    NOTICE! In order to keep all my passengers safe from now on they will not be allowed to have any of the EVIL FRUIT in there system at the time of boarding, Bowel movements will be mandatory before departure!

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    freaking nice!

  3. Bret

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    Jim, nice report.. glad to hear that yall persevered through all of your dilemas.. TJ, no more bananas..... Nice size on the tunas.
  4. Snagged

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    Looks like you had a good trip.
  5. jt2hunt

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    TJ, I told you about them damn bananas!

    SSFIREMSN Senior Member

  7. wacker

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    TJ, I told you about them damn bananas!

    You told him too???

    He just don't get it. But I gotta tell ya he can out swim that Phelps feller when he thinks a mako wants to eat him.:D
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    LOL!! Hope TJ didnt fall in any "patties" :) Nice job on the fish catching!
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    Nice job on the fish. I think the cooler was packed from the looks of the one fish. Looked like a robot sat on it. Glad you guys had a nice run!
  10. jt2hunt

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    he should have been at auger

    Wayne had a mako come and eat his yft whole?