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Gunnison Teaser report

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Just got off of the phone with Wacker.. He, Tj, Ragman, Frank and I think one other guy just got back in from Gunnison.. 15 yft avg 75lbs.. 6 Dorado up to 45lbs... They said they left them foaming.... Hopefully one of the guys will post a full report and some pics when they get the fish packed and back home.
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Nice haul of fish. The gulf is now loaded with tuna. They are thick as fly's at most floating platforms and spars. Crew boat Capt's that deliver crews and supplies to the rigs are saying it's one the best Decembers they can remember as far as tuna boiling the surface. Daytime bite is even good. Get um while you can. It's easy picking right now.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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