Gulf Exploration Mission 2006 (GEM 06)

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    Want to experience a fishing trip of a lifetime and the chance to enjoy great camaraderie?

    We have about 6 spots open on the trip below!

    We'll pursue TUNA, WAHOO, other Pelagics and also find AJ, Grouper, etc. as weather and conditions permit.

    Below are the details regarding a planned GEM 06 trip.

    We have secured the boat with a deposit of $1,000 for the November 18-21 dates.

    TOO has the following deposits:

    McGolfer (Rick Torian)
    Ragman (Tom Titus)

    Minnows (TJ)
    Kilsong (Kil)
    Paddler (Mark)

    We have about 6 spots open and the first 6 to send a $500 deposit to TOO will be secured. The remainder of the amount will need to be paid in full either in payments or in full on or before October 18.

    We'll also keep a stand-by list (according to deposits received).

    You may contact me or Willie at TOO anytime or post here with any questions.

    Please see the link below to view the boat, Carribeanean Sea, and the Captain's information.


    "Talked in great detail with Captain Steve Tomeny of Tomeny's Charters
    in Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

    He runs four 65' offshore charters and has charters that can handle the criteria of the GEM 06 the groups needs.

    The website is: and he has two boats that can handle a group of 8-12 fishermen.

    The boat that will fit the GEM 06 is the Carribean Sea.

    All four of the boats are based on the same 65' hull and are
    topped out with different decks and cabins. Both of these
    boats are outfitted with new diesel engines and will cruise at 12-15
    knots on the way out and back and still give enough fuel to be out
    for 4 days.

    We know that the group would like the center console style
    boat and the Carribean Sea seems to fit that criteria.

    Both boats have 1000 gallon fuel tanks, 500 gl water tanks, bunks, showers, and a stainless steel grill.

    Captain Tomeny strongly suggests fishing Greens Canyon for the 3
    nights out there, with a possibility of running into some close by
    deepwater bottom areas for extra large AJ's, snapper, and

    He made this suggestion on the fishing techniques:

    night fish for tuna however the group wants to fish at the various spars in the Greens Canyon area, then either troll the rigs for Marlin, wahoo, tuna,
    dorado, etc, or daytime chunk for tuna, (he said that works well out
    in Greens Canyon for tuna), along with kite fishing with hard tails
    and other "livies" during the day.

    These styles can be broken up and the group can troll for a while then kite fish, then day time chunk, however the group wants to pursue the day time bite.

    If the group wants to run in to bottom fish one day of the 2 full days out there then that fits in nicely. Or the group can bottom fish
    on the way out the first day and back in the last day.

    He suggests that the group leave around 9 am on the day of departure,
    stop about halfway out, fish for bait and some big bottom fish, then
    continue out get situated for the night bite for tuna and fish until
    day light or as the group wishes.

    Then the next three day time the choices of trolling the spars, kite fishing, day time chunking, etc can be made through until the last morning, where they figure the group will want to stop on the way in and top off the ice
    chests with the deep drop fish.

    He is aware that the groups main focus is night time tuna fishing.

    His captains are young and gung-ho to fish as long as folks want, and
    the boat will have two operational captains, not just two
    to be legal, so repositioning drifts and moving to other spars during
    the night is not a problem.

    He is aware of the experience and self-sufficient level of the group
    and says his captains are perfectly happy being asked to get the boat
    to an area and letting the group do the fishing they want.

    He did offer to send us a suggested float plan of the various spars
    and areas that he thinks will pay off handsomely!

    Cost:(except for fuel and food), for Carribean Sea for the 4 days, with all fee's and gratuity included is:

    Carribean Sea with 10 fishermen would be $1,206 total per person at the $2.75 a gallon fuel cost consuming 750 Gallons.

    Fuel cost: Diesel is currently $2.10 a gallon for Captain Tomeny and
    he dosen't expect to rise above $2.50-$2.75 for him in Port

    He does get the rebates for federal and state tax, so that
    keeps his total fuel cost down somewhat. We also know that fuel cost
    might go over $4.00 a gallon retail so this is the only unknown

    However the group would pay only for the fuel used fill up
    to fill up.

    Their last trip on the Carribean Sea used 450+ gallons to the Greens
    Canyon area to fish, and that was running at the 15-17 knot
    range. He figures that running out there at 12-14 knots depending on
    the seas, staying out three nights, trolling a lot, maybe running in
    one day to bottom fish and heading back eventually will burn 750(+ or
    -) gallons.

    At $2.10 a gallon, that will be around $1,600 or $200 a
    person. Of course an increase in fuel price will change that figure.

    At $2.75 a gallon we are looking at $2060 or $257.50 per person for fuel.

    Food: As with the other charters they are happy to buy what the group
    wants and have it there ready to go at the cost to buy it.

    They do hope that the group will want fresh grilled fish at least one of the

    Food, transportation, and lodging (1-2 nights) would be the only other costs to consider.

    If fuel costs were to be higher than that then we'd of course give a
    revised cost.

    One other thing, we specifically asked if he can and will commit to
    this trip, and that we don't want him to come back and say
    he can't do this trip after weeks of discussion trying to line up the

    Captain Tomeny said he'll not back out. We made damn sure as the last
    thing we need is someone changing their mind after the group wants to
    solidify a deal.

    There is inexpensive lodging at Port Fourchon as well.

    Texas Outdoor Organizers"
  2. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Who else would like to joint us in this fishing trip.
    Pope? and how about you Bighead?

  3. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    the dates aren't good for me. I wish they were and I would be in for sure!
  4. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    Hi gang. I found you all.
    Now I have to go to work on getting Momma to let me have a yard pass....
  5. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Welcome aboard Deep_Sea_GUll and thanks for sign up.

    Looking forward to fish with you again.

    But please don't bring any frshwater shads this time, j/k.
  6. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    This trip sounds like a hoot! I'd be interested but I'm on the list for the combined boards trip. Doubt I could get more than 1 kitchen pass that time of year. If that trip doesn't look like it will pan out I'll jump on this one if there's room. bighead
  7. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    BTW, tell a rookie where Green Canyon is???
  8. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

  9. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    Hey TJ.
    What's the difference between a shad and a pogey?

    They both get to stinking!!!
  10. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Hey TJ.
    What's the difference between a shad and a pogey?

    They both get to stinking!!!

    Thanks for the Green Canyon info.
    Who cares how stinky they are, as long as Mr.Tuna don't mind. I am ok with it LOL
  11. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    Let me ask another rookie question. I know the tuna crowd takes alot of pride in their gear but does the boat supply any tackle at all?
  12. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    I think they do, but those rods and reels they provide are not going to be top notch gear. Charter boat gear has been through tremendous of use and abuse.
    If you joint this trip, you don't have to worry much about rod and reel.
    you can get a loaner gear from one of us that going. I don't think they would mind at all, as long as you can take care of their gear. JMO
  13. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Guys I hope this trip makes.. I just couldnt take off that close to the holidays.. in the pawn business, 30% of the years sales business is done from Nov1 thru Dec31. So I had to pass. Anyone wanting a tuna experience should jump on this trip.
  14. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    Too & Tom, we're almost two weeks into the combined board big e trip offering and have less than half a crew so far. I'm determined to catch a tuna this year so please scratch me from that trip and place me on this one. Forward info to me @ [email protected]. I'll get a deposit out as soon as I have a name and address to send it to. bighead
  15. Ragman

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    Excellent bighead!!!

    You'll definitely catch a tuna!

    Go to the 2cool or TFF site and look for TOO's post.

    You can email him directly or call me at 817.915.0445 and we'll answer any questions !

    Great to have you and I look forward to meeting and fishing with you.

  16. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator


    You have just made a good decision by joining this fishing trip.
    If you are a beginner in tuna fishing, the experience you will gain on this trip most likely will be equal of 3 to 4, 52 hrs Big E trip combine.

    With the Experience of McGolfer, Ragman and the jigging master Ksong. By watching what they do to catch fish, you and I will learn a lot from these guys. Welcome aboard this charter and looking forward to fish and learn from you.

    Now we need to find more people to go.
    Come on guys, Jump on this trip. I had learned a lot from the last 2 GEM trip, I can't say it enough this is the trip to be on.
  17. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator


    Did you get the kitchen pass? or you are still working on it? LOL
  18. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    I am working on it. I bought a new John Deere over the weekend....
  19. TOO

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    GEM 06
    November 18th-21st, 2006 Captain Tomeny’s charter
    1. Rick (Mcgolfer)
    2. Ragman (Tom T.)
    3. TJ (minnows)
    4. Kil Song (kilsong)
    5. Drfishalot
    6. Adcoe
    7. Bighead

    List has been updated