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Here is the report from the Gulf Eagle this past weekend. We had 15 fisherman on board. It was a 10 hour ride out to the rig. I believe it was the Exxon Mobile 25-A which was about 145 miles out. The seas were pretty ruff going out and very choppy. We arrived about an hour before sunset and set troll around the rig. The first two passes we had hits but no hook ups on fish. The third time around was a charm. We landed a nice fat yellowfin. We continued to troll till sunset with only a barracuda to show for it.
Once the sun was down we set up our drift. We started catching blackfin on jigs for chunk bait. Chunking seemed to be the ticket for the night. I don't believe any yellowfin were caught on poppers. The fish seemed to be close in to the rig. The bite was good till about midnight then shut down for a while. Then about 3am they started hitting again and the bite was good till the sun came up.
We had a little excitement about 3:30 am. We had a few fisherman fighting yellowfin when some shouted Mako! We had a huge shadow off to the side of the boat. The captain rigged up a shark rig and put a chunk of tuna and threw it out. It wasn't long till he was hooked up. They had us clearing all the fishing poles around the boat. He fought the shark for a while then it came loose.
The overall count for the boat I believe was 24 yellowfin, several blackfin, 2 mahi,and one barracuda. I ended up with 3 yellowfin 67 and 88,and one smaller one that I caught on a jig and several blackfin all caught on jigs. My dad ended up with an 87 and 44 and some blackfin.
All in all we had a pretty good trip for one night of fishing. The seas where supposed to get pretty ruff Saturday night and since our fish boxes were pretty full we headed in about 9am saturday morning.
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