Gulf Eagle 11/12

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    We were schduled to go out the 14th but moved up to the 12th because of bad weather coming in, we had a couple of guys that could not make the trip because of such a short notice, Jerry, aka (Snagged) got to fish with us and it was great fishing with him, he's a hoot. We are called the OSU SaltWater Cowboys, just a bunch of buddy's out of Oklahoma who love to fish saltwater and we Charter a boat every year and fish the GOM. We fished this year on the Gulf Eagle with Cpt. Keith and Cpt. Nate with deckhands Loyd and Miles, which most of you know are the best deckhands there is. We started fishing for Aj's and had a limit very quick on live bait, no grouper, then headed to the floaters, we had 11 yft's the largest 105# and I had my personal best 103#. All my tuna were caught on Topwater, OTI Wombat,Nemo and OTI Komodo/Nemo, I lost a giant when the swevel broke from the Komodo, never had that happen before. We caught about 30 mahi's the largest being 79lb.. Even though the weather and the sea's were rough we had a great trip and It was a pleasure fishing with DSH again this year and thanks to Cpt's Keith and Nate and crew for putting us on fish and working their butts off to make this trip a good one. We also came in early and it was our choice. I will post pic's later because my camera has no wires to connect to my computor. Again, thank you DSH for a great trip.
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    whoa whoa....89lb mahi? i believe the world record is around 90lbs...

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    Sorry it was a 79# Mahi
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    im not saying i dont believe you...but i gotta see that pic. thats a friggin huge mahi!!!!

    who caught it and on what???
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    Wow! Looks like you guys had a great trip too despite the weather. We met you guys at the dock as we were leaving on the Pelican. I think we also saw you guys lit up like a Christmas tree out at the floaters the first night.
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    Wow! A 79lb dorado is better than a 200lb yft in my book. How many dorado will I see over 60lbs in my life? Very few! I will likely never see or catch one approaching 80lbs! I bet it looks like a blanket. Pics....
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    I agree with Pope. In all my years of fishing a 58# is my best. Did you guys actually put the fish on a scale? If so, that is one great big DoDo. I'd love to see a pic of that beast.
  8. Pope

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    My best is 44lbs and the state record is 65.7lbs. Let's see the "beast."
  9. Drifter

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    79lb Mahi :eek: - makes my 40lb Mahi caught on the Pelican the same day seem puny :eek:
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    Roy Mason caught the fish and it was weigh'd at DSH fish house, Pictures are coming and Mad Marlin I did'nt even tye it on, it seem like they wanted larger baits so I stayed with the OTI Komodo, now the Mahi was caught on a chunk bait, it was a beast and the largest I have ever seen. I did not see the scale but this is what he told everyone. Cudakilla that was us, it seem'd like the further away we drifted away from the rigs the more fish we caught.
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    Wow, some awesome fish!!! Glad you had a great trip!! Even more, I can't wait to see the pics!

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    nice, its good to have bright boat lights so tuna follow
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    It was a great trip, despite rough seas and bright moon. The great Mahi and AJ fishing made up for the low YFT numbers . I caught an 88lb YFT on a Frenzy flyer & one a little smaller on a live flying fish. 3 Mahi I caught - 2 came off a Shibuki sinker in tuna color . Other Mahi was on chunk .
    The Black fin were also hard to come by , had to drop to a fast count of 236 with an OTI Jager 300G jig to catch them . Several cudas caught and many cut lines .
    Hal, my brother, you are truly a topwater maniac! You stayed with them , despite the slow bite, an it paid off.
    It was good to meet Givemeadeal and the other guys who went out on the Pelician . Hope ya'll had a great trip also . Can't wait to read your report
    Jim Hargrave
  14. NEMO

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    No Jim your the Man!! you have taught me everything I know and yes it is paying off, but you were the man on this trip with all those fish, you (fingered) them out. See if anyone has any pic's to post on this board.
  15. Snagged

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    im not saying i dont believe you...but i gotta see that pic. thats a friggin huge mahi!!!!

    who caught it and on what???

    They had some very good fish, I managed a 8# dorado and a 101 tuna along with my AJ's.

    They are a great group to fish with, a lot of fun and very dedicated.

    PS: Finally stopped barfing this morning, I don't think I was sea sick.
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    PS: Finally stopped barfing this morning, I don't think I was sea sick.

    Hey Jerry, don't let DSH know, they might ban you from their boats.
  17. Bret

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    Dang Guys, Sounds like a heck of a trip.. looking forward to seeing the pics..

    These fish were in the mid- forties I believe.... 79lbs would be enormous....

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    great trip guys. cant wait to see the pics.
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    I got to see the Mahi!!!