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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by newton, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. newton

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    My snook prototype rod project is close to conception. :) I'm so excited! this is going to be my first rod.
    i'm pretty much settled on most of the componets. i'm going with IM8 rainshadow titanium silver 7' mh 10-20lb spinning blank and mudhole japanese style handle kit. I'm still undecided on the guides though... I'm basicly lost. lol

    what size guides should i use for a mh 7' 10-20lb blank?

    I know i want to go with titanium frames w/sic diamond polished rings. I'm just not sure what style of spinning guides and what size i need? what about guide placement? is there a certain placement that give better blank loading? dose moving the guide closest to the reelseat further up the blank or vice versa closer towards the reelseat effect the rods casting at all? i want to be able to shoot line with little effort.

    I want to use larger than normal rings for last two guides including tiptop for smooth leader knots/small swivel passage.

    as this is my first project, any help, pointers or advice would be very appreciative! I plan to post pics as soon as i begin

  2. tailfisher

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    mudhole should have a chart to space. General rule of thumb is to place first guide around 26in from top of reel seat to first guide. I always place put rod in arc with reel attached and space accordingly so line will never touch blank under pressure.

  3. red34

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    I would go 12 - 10 - 10 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 8tip. You may not need one of the 8's but they're usually cheap and it's always better to have more than less. I just bought a guide kit and it went down to size 6, which is pretty small for line-to-leader knots to pass through freely on a saltwater rod so I sent it back and ordered this configuration.

    I'd line up the spacing with a 7' rod you already have, or just eyeball it. I have never tried to use a spacing chart, but I'm sure they are useful. I'll measure the spacing to make sure it gets smaller as you get closer to the tip, but every rod has it's own "character" and I generally make individual rods rather than a bunch of the same model so I don't need to keep the measurements.

    As long as it looks right and the static test keeps the line equally off the blank you should be good to go.
  4. d-a

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    You use a 12 as a stripper for a spinning rod?

    I would start at a 30 and end up with 10's at the end

  5. ichibahn

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    For 7' inshore spinning rod I will go with single foot 30-20-16-12-10-8-8top.
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    thanks so much for the advice guys. i may buy a few extra sizes to tape on and trial and error before wrapping.

    the biggest unknown is the blank. I'm a bit nervous about buying a blank before handling it in person:confused: the rainshadow rx8 sounds nice but i'm just going by description. i looked at the american tackle black matrix which is moderate but it is quite a bit heavier than the RX8. what do you guys think of the advanced tubular composites? i understand they took over shikari.
  7. red34

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    You use a 12 as a stripper for a spinning rod?

    I would start at a 30 and end up with 10's at the end


    I must have glazed over it being a spinning rod... sorry about that. The main thing was to have guides large enough for the leader knots to pass through. I am building my similar rod conventional and just got the guide placement set tonight. I actually moved the stripper a few inches closer to the reel and used all 7 guides. It "loosened" the tip a little, while keeping the backbone of the heavier rod. Its going to nice for working soft plastics but still getting solid hooksets.