Guesstimate on popper weight?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DEA, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. DEA

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    Just trying to get a feel here fellas...

    I recently ordered up a Saltiga 4500H for my first venture into popping. Prolly gonna end up spooling it up with 50lb JB solid and using a 40-60lb leader.

    Well to match it up, I was looking to purchase a rod 8' medium heavy 15-40lb line rating.

    So I am wondering how heavy a popper you fellas would recommend using?

    I haven't gotten the rod yet to see how it loads up and all just wanted some general input.

  2. Sea Crappie

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    To really take advantage of a 4500's capabilities, a 30-50lb or even a 40-60lb type rod is more appropriate.

    What species are you fishing for? What size? All of this plus the action and taper of the blank will determine the correct popper size.

  3. DEA

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    Thanks SC for the reply.

    Basically starting with baby steps casting poppers out here on the West Coast for stripers on the beach. Predominantly they weigh in the teens although some have been caught recently reaching 35-40lbs.

    Gotta wait for the albacore to come in close before attempting to pop for them and even at that rate, few get over 25-30lbs in these waters as of late in NorCal.

    Hopefully, as I become more proficient then I am going down to SoCal for more practice on albacore, smaller YFT, dodo's etc.

    The action of the rod and blank are both listed as fast taper although I have heard that the blanks have a tremendous amount of lifting power.

    Rod? Phenix Black Diamond PSW808MH.

    Keep in the info coming!
  4. Jason4606

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    I think the concern is that the 4500H is just going to feel too bulky for most 15-40lb class rod designs... It will work, I just think you'd be better off with a 3500 for most 15-40 class rods. Then use the 4500H on a 40-60lb, like the OTI 2-piece.

    It might be a little overkill for the immediate game at hand, but will still be a fun rig. The reel and 50lb line are a perfect match for that rod, and it still has a light enough tip to chunk most lures and live baits well.

    I also have a 7.5' 50lb Xzoga popping rod that seems lighter than its label rating. I think it's because of the small diameter, thick wall design. The tip is TINY and loads up great with lighter lures but still has a Bunch of backbone. Might be worth a thought too?

  5. DEA

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    Thanks Jason!

    Well come to think of it, the rod would pull double duty in slinging surface irons too like a Tady 45 which weighs about 4.5oz.

    Hmmm...gonna have to rethink this a bit....

    If I go with a 3500, then it'll be a Certate Hyper Custom...but I already committed to the Saltiga.

    May have to get both....LOL!
  6. deadsea

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    You’ll be happy with a Saltiga 4500H/Phenix Black Diamond PSW808MH combo!
  7. papio

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    Where u fishing down da beach? I use to fish da surf around Merced Lake area down towards Pacifica Pier. Plugged & pop for big stripers out there.

    Supah fun too when schools of big salmon would move up da pier. That was many years ago and don't know what's it like now. Anyway, good luck on ur setup.
  8. DEA

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    Thanks papio and deadsea!

    So deadsea, do you have the same combo? If so, please describe you're experience(s)?

    papio, yup fished there around Merced Lake too! Down at Oyster Point in South San Fran, Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay, Aptos and Soquel in Santa Cruz.

    The salmon are a no-go right now, got serious issues with population etc.

    Stripers aren't a what they use to be, but they are in thick chasing bait you can catch them really good.

    Keep the info coming fellas!