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There might be a need for time share sales person in the near future, lol.

Gman, I saw some small dogtooth tuna in the local fish market.

Rick, there are lands available for your fishing camp.

ALW, November might not be a good month for fishing in that area due to their windy seasons. One of the best guides that I know of is Mr. Adek, he have charter operations for Bali and Komodo. Jon aka sportfisherman also a fishing guide for the area. I will PM you their contact info later today.

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Ronnie, we've been down this road..........

TJ, if you're serious about this trip please contact me w/ details as soon as
you have them. If I can afford it, I would like to go if you'll have me.
good to have you back, although if I grew up there, I'd NEVER leave!
what a beautiful place!
tight lines

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Brian, you can be one of the "fry guys"... hehe- Guess I would have to be Grimmace....Mr Bill could be the "Hamburglar".... And rick of course...= Ronald Mcdonald!! :)

Headed to Cancun in the morning... no fishing though, maybe I can bug her enough she will give in... :) !!! If I ever get to live on/near the beach.. I will be completely useless.... I was born with fish swimming in my head!

have a safe trip and enjoy the sites and scenery. take her on a walk near the boats and then hit the docks and see what they are catching.....rick
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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